DC FOODIES Eden Center Extravaganza
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Sun May 26 at 12:00 PM, Eden Center
Sidewalk Stores, 6751 Wilson Blvd, Falls Church, VA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hello DC area international food fans! Can you believe it's almost May? If you're around Memorial Day weekend, join us for lunch and browsing at Eden Center, NoVA's little slice of Vietnam.
Tentative agenda: meet at the flagpoles at noon, then
1. Fried tofu at Thanh Son Tofu
2. Banh mi at Nhu Lan
3. Boba at TeaDM
4. Baked goods at Phuoc Loc

If we aren't in a food coma by then, we can hit the grocery stores/gift shops. I'm skipping the sit-down places for now so we can hit as many different spots as possible, but Rice Paper et al are definitely on the list for a return trip!

As noted in the comments, this is a manageable walk or a quick bus ride from the East Falls Church Metro station. If you are coming from Alexandria, please plan accordingly for the Blue/Yellow Line partial shutdown.

Guides to Eden Center:
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I've never been to Eden Center, know nothing about Vietnamese food, and essentially, am no help at all. But any of those days work for me. And I am very intrigued.
posted by rue72 at 8:29 AM on April 25

Oh, one crucial detail I left out! To my absolute shock, Eden Center IS WALKABLE FROM THE METRO. It's a 20 minute walk from East Falls Church and there are sidewalks the whole way per Street View.
posted by capricorn at 6:37 AM on April 26

(Unless you're coming from Alexandria, in which case no metro for you from Memorial Day-Labor Day :((( )
posted by capricorn at 6:40 AM on April 26

We're going out of town but I could maybe get us back in time for lunch on Monday if that works. I really want to go to this one!
posted by brilliantine at 7:39 AM on April 26

It’s walkable or you can transfer onto the 26A which has a stop that lets off right at Roosevelt and Wilson Blvd, though it only runs hourly I think. But when it’s storming that might be worth it.
posted by phearlez at 10:53 AM on April 26 [1 favorite]

Ooh, this sounds fun! Any of the weekend days would work for me, but I wouldn't be able to do Monday though. (And thanks for the reminder about the blue line shutdown coming up...)
posted by devrim at 7:29 AM on April 30

I'm going to go ahead and confirm this for Sunday, May 26. brilliantine, apologies for the timing here, but I don't want to risk anything being closed for the holiday! See you all then.
posted by capricorn at 8:45 AM on May 1

PS let's meet at the flagpoles at noon.
posted by capricorn at 8:45 AM on May 1 [1 favorite]

Zudz and I will have just gotten back from Hawaii the day before, so we may be tapped out on gorging ourselves on Asian food (unlikely, at least for me) or too jetlagged to want to drive down from Maryland (more likely), but I would basically kill a man for a decent egg tart at this point and have heard good things on Yelp about the bakeries in Eden Center, so I/we are a solid maybe. Plus that'll give me an excuse to restock my supply of Japanese and Korean face/hair goops at Good Fortune and Besfren!
posted by bowtiesarecool at 1:51 PM on May 1

Never mind, I'm a lying liar who lies. We will leave Hawaii on the 25th, but we'll be landing sometime in the middle of this, so we can't go! Super dang.
posted by bowtiesarecool at 2:12 PM on May 1

Aw, sorry to miss you guys! Next time!
posted by capricorn at 7:14 PM on May 1

No worries! It just means now *I* want to plan a meetup at some point (especially since someone mentioned egg tarts!)
posted by brilliantine at 12:25 PM on May 3

zennie and I will be there. (Yes, technically I have an account.)
posted by Bongotrance Rabbitfriend at 6:47 AM on May 9 [1 favorite]

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