WisCon 43
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WisCon, May 24-27, is an annual feminist science fiction/fantasy/literature/media convention and this year's Guests of Honor are G. Willow Wilson and Charlie Jane Anders. Registrations start at $55 for adult memberships but single-day rates are also available. Many informative links at the IRL pages for 2018 and 2016. If you want to participate as a speaker on panels, there's still time to sign up - details below.
In case you'd like to skim some guidance to reassure first-time participants, Alexandra Erin posted "So, you want to go to WisCon?" and "So You Want To Go To WisCon, Part II: Expectations". There's usually a first-timers' dinner (small group expeditions to local restaurants, I think), and orientation sessions, early in the con, to help first-time attendees and first-time panelists (tips) and first-time moderators (tips). If you feel better showing up someplace for the first time if you're being useful, you can volunteer for a few hours.

And you can still sign up (till this Friday, April 19th) to participate as a panellist -- there's a list of panels that still need volunteers (you can only see it if you log in). Also, in your account, you can write/update your personal profile, including your short bio (for the pocket program) and long bio (for the web page). The deadline to update profiles is April 15, which is today! So if you know you want to volunteer for programming, do your bio today, then you can look at the "Panels Needing Panelists" list later in the week.

I am again the comedy auctioneer for the Tiptree Auction on Saturday night.

As for a MeFi meetup - how about Sunday afternoon at The Great Dane?
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As for a MeFi meetup - how about Sunday afternoon at The Great Dane?
Tentative yes! I will be at the convention but may be staffing a vendor booth. I won't know my availability during the convention proper until fairly soon before it happens.
posted by yomimono at 7:09 AM on April 16

Adding “Sunday at Dane” to my diary. Where it will, sadly, compete with at least five panels.
posted by Jesse the K at 12:13 PM on April 17

I'll be @Wiscon, am free after I get my art setup in the Art Show, which usually takes me through most of the gathering time. How far is Great Dane from Concourse?
posted by dreamling at 12:25 PM on April 22

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