United we stand. Divided we sit, eat onion rings and win.
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Tue April 9 at 8:00 PM, George & Dragon
206 N 36th St, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Trivia: Torn asunder from within by our burgeoning ranks, let us find a way forward that makes us one again. Unless there are seven or more of us.
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So. I just realized that our invitations to attend our trivia meetups could very well come across as insidery and off-putting for newcomers.

We are in fact hugely excited when someone new shows up! Come join us! We are a diverse, interesting group of people and much of our enjoyment comes from chatting and learning from each other.

And eating onion rings.

And winning.
posted by skyscraper at 7:52 PM on April 7, 2019 [2 favorites]

Although sometimes only ChrisR and I show up and you’d be stuck with a senior citizen and a Canadian.
posted by skyscraper at 8:05 PM on April 7, 2019

Case in point :)
posted by ChrisR at 6:08 AM on April 8, 2019

Soon, my circumstances may have me move farther from Fremont than I am now. I had hoped to attend at least once, but 8 pm is late for me these days and having celiac disease makes me very uncomfortable in gluten-enhanced environments like bars. It sounds like great fun, though!
posted by Radiophonic Oddity at 7:49 AM on April 8, 2019

I have a bunch of sick relatives this week and have no idea if I will be busy, exhausted, or really wanting distraction tomorrow evening. And I probably won't know until about 7:45pm, either.
posted by clew at 2:39 PM on April 8, 2019

On the upside, we don't deduct points for last minute arrivals.

I hope your relatives are well and that you are coping.
posted by ChrisR at 3:44 PM on April 8, 2019

I have not been coming but still like you all and want to! Have had some personal difficulties lately that have left me sitting at home cuddling cats and being less social.
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Corb, we will be thrilled to see you whenever you're ready! Clew, best to you and the family.

I think I'm gonna make this one, folks!
posted by palmcorder_yajna at 2:19 PM on April 9, 2019

Out of town, sorry Canadians and old people.
posted by Slarty Bartfast at 3:52 PM on April 9, 2019

i got flu

none of you want flu i presume

i stay away

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Well, I didn’t want malaria either and you showed up with that.

Hope you feel better.

Corb and clew, seconding palmcorder_yajna. Attend when you can.
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Radiophonic Oddity, they have ciders on tap as well! Can’t speak to the availability of gluten-free edibles, but not eating onion rings is not a deal breaker. For reference, I’m usually scampering across the street to catch a bus not too much after 10:00.
posted by skyscraper at 5:03 PM on April 9, 2019

Argh, not making it after all. Fight well, comrades!
posted by palmcorder_yajna at 7:39 PM on April 9, 2019

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