SEATTLE: drinks etc. at Old Stove Brewing (note new venue!!)
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Thu January 17 at 5:00 PM, Old Stove Brewing
1901 Western Ave, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
I'll be in town to scope out (and be scoped out for) a permanent move to Seattle. I'd love to meet up with one or many, or even just connect via email if my timing doesn't work for y'all.
I'm mostly free the evening of the 16th, all day on the 17th, and the morning of the 18th. I'll be staying in South Lake Union but I'm totally willing to travel and explore.

Please reply/comment here if you'd like to be part of or can suggest a good venue for an official MeFi meetup (perhaps the evening of Thursday the 17th?), or feel free to memail me if you just want to chat or grab coffee or something.

Thank you in advance for any time, company, and/or wisdom you're willing to share!

UPDATED UPDATE: I hope it's not too late, but I propose changing the venue to Old Stove Brewing since it appears that Cloudburst doesn't serve food. I'm planning to get there around 5 and to stay as long as there's company -- come any time. Please post if you know any best practices for spotting each other for this kind of thing -- or feel free to memail me for my phone number and we can text. Really looking forward to it!
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I'll be around! I'm in LQA, but also willing to roam around the city :)
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I am provisionally free -- I have a friend who's moving that week and I don't know when or if she'll need me. Are you thinking of a food meetup or drinking or what?

You're arriving less than a week into what's likely to be a heck of a multi-county traffic meltdown, which complicates matters a bit -- sticking close to the light rail stations might be wise.
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I'd be happy to meet up in West Seattle on Thursday, during the day. Coffee or a walk in Lincoln Park or Alki maybe? If you want to check out the southwest quadrant of the city.
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I'd be glad to meet up with a bunch of mefites if the time works for me. My schedule is pretty free though so there's a good chance.
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I might be available depending on the location and time. I live south of Seattle Seattle and as clew points out, driving north into Seattle is likely to be a nightmare for the month of January.
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"to scope out (and be scoped out for) a permanent move to Seattle."

Scoping? We don't need no steenkin' scoping!

Seriously, though, if you're cool with incompetent government, and insane real-estate-pricing, everything else is pretty cool. Unless you like viaducks.

As for coffee-grabbing, *don't* try that around here!!!!!! SERIOUSLY! (Well, ok, you can probably get away with that IF you punch-a-Nazi.)
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Damn that traffic jam!! I'll follow up with a few of you directly -- meanwhile, as a strawman, how does Cloudburst or Old Stove Brewery sound on Thursday the 17th, starting at 5 or so (I'll stay at least until 8!) for drinks and Seattle-touting and food for whoever wants it? Are both too close to the viaduct / too far from light rail? Please suggest other venues that would make getting there as painless as possible for as many folks as possible!
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I'm up for this!
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I am provisionally up for this, schedule, kids and weird traffic conditions allowing.
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I have roughly the same constraints as Artw.
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My schedule and kid preclude a weekday evening meetup, but let me know if you want a daytime one as well.
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I'm definitely up for either of those locations! (And might just do the walk to Pike Place, pending traffic...)
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Oh, and for recognizing -- I am tall with dramatic glasses and green hair. I've not had trouble picking out a group of MeFites yet, but it can't hurt to post where you're sitting once you grab a spot! I might not get there til a bit after 5, depending on how crazy work is that day, but shouldn't be too much later!
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I probably can't make it right at 5:00, but I'll do my best to be there by 5:30 or so.
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Ugh. I'm afraid I'm going to have to beg off. It's my first day back at work after a vacation, and I am basically dead on my feet. Have an awesome.w time, y'all!
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Agh, not able to make it this time - hopefully at another meet up?
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I’m at a long table near the back, wearing a black shirt with tiny white polka dots, and glasses on my head.
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argonauta indeed wore a black shirt with tiny white polka dots! And kalimac is indeed tall with dramatic glasses and green hair! I observed these things with my own eyes!

Also, this was a great location for a meetup, and I'm happy I met folks! Hello, Seattle!
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I had such a great time with cgc373 and kalimac. Thank you both so much for coming... and I promise I’ll organize a follow-up as soon as I’m officially a Seattlite (thank you for crossing your fingers and knocking wood with me on that). Truly a pleasure and can’t wait for next time.
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A very belated chime-in that IT WAS AWESOME and another vote for the location, and not just because I got a lovely walk along the seafront when going there...
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