Visiting Kyoto at Efish!
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Fri December 28 at 8:00 PM, Efish
798-1 Nishihashizumechō, Shimogyō-ku, Kyōto-shi, Kyōto-fu 600-8029, Japan (Map & Directions)
Spammusubi and I will be visiting Kyoto between Xmas and New Year's. We'd love to meet local MeFites! Here is the map for the cafe.
We love Kyoto and we love MetaFilter, so we thought that on this visit, we'd combine the two and meet anyone in the area. We're staying in the old part of town, but are happy to meet wherever, as long as we can take public transport!
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Aw farts! That’s more or less EXACTLY WHEN I WILL NOT BE IN KYOTO
posted by DoctorFedora at 5:04 AM on December 10, 2018 [1 favorite]

That being said, feel free to contact me however and I will gladly offer advice and ideas!
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This I can maybe do! I'll possibly in no thankyouing distance of Juso, and therefore much beloved Kyoto around 28th -30th. I have lots of recommendations!
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DoctorFedora and Juso, I'd love to hear any recommendations you may have for fun places to visit, and more importantly, to meet up! We like cute coffeeshops and that type of thing, so if you have any suggestions, I can pick a place and if Juso can make it, great!
posted by Atrahasis at 7:46 PM on December 12, 2018

What sort of stuff are you into? Kyoto is both an old city with lots of tradition, and also Japan's biggest college town, so the city has kind of a split personality that can be kind of interesting. For example, there's a road in northeast Kyoto (Higashi-oji, roughly between Ichijoji and Shugakuin stations) that has about a dozen ramen shops along a kilometer-long stretch of road, if you're into that sort of thing.
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I might could make it over to Kyoto depending on the day and time? (Also, there are more cute coffeeshops in Kyoto than you can shake a stick at!)
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DoctorFedora, we've been to Kyoto a couple of times now, and still keep discovering new places. Spammusubi and I especially like the old, but we appreciate atmosphere and esthetics. We are the people who will gaze wistfully at the elegant maple tree as we sip hot beverages. In Kyoto while longing for Kyoto, type of thing. I hope that helps.

Huimangm, we'll be on vacation, so we expect to be flexible. Do you want to suggest some dates and times, and maybe Juso can nothankyou, as well?
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Aww, I won't be back in the area until the 2nd!
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Well, I have to work up through the Friday, so anything from the 25th to the 28th would have to be evening for me, say 8 pm or after. Pretty much any time should be fine for the 29th through 31st, except maybe the night of the Eve itself.
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I don't know how I missed this, but hey, I'm living here for the year and will be around after the 27th (we'll be in Tokyo prior to that). I'd be more than happy to meet up and hang out at any time - I'm free of commitments until after the New Year.
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Huimangm and Hactar, let's shoot for an evening between December 25 to 28, to accomodate huimangm. Will that work for you? If you have a meeting place you'd like to recommend, we welcome any suggestions, since we are tourists in your lovely city.
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If Hactar can do the 27th, that would be great; if not, the 28th or one of the days after that? Barring work emergencies of some kind, I can be in Kyoto by around 19:30.
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Let's plan for the 28th, say 8 PM? Any ideas for locations? Once we have a place, I will confirm this event so it pings everyone. Thanks!
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8 pm on the 28th sounds good. I can think of a couple of nice cafes I like, although they're both open only till 9 (and the food is Western rather than Japanese, come to think of it): the Breizh Cafe on Sanjo west of Kawaramachi (sweet and savory crepes), and Papa Jon's at Rokkaku and Sakaimachi (cheesecake and some savories). Sorry, I haven't actually lived in Kyoto for a while and my memory is failing me...will be glad to take any other ideas too.
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huimangm and everyone, I found a centrally located place - Efish by the Kiyomizu Gojo that closes at 10 - especially if you're coming from further away, it would be a shame to have to leave at 9 PM. Will that work for you?
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Sounds good! It turns out that Friday being the last day of work before the vacation, I could actually make it earlier if need be; if you'd like to push up the time let me know, otherwise I'll see you there at 8.
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Okay! Just finalized the time, date, and venue. I kept it at 8 PM so no one feels pressured to get there early. Looking forward to meeting everyone!
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