Stockholm MeFite Dinner Wed. 21 Nov
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Wed November 21 at 7:00 PM, Café Sten Sture
Trångsund 10, 111 29 Stockholm, Sweden (Map & Directions)
In 1792, the underground Caf Sten Sture in Gamla Stan was a prison. According to its website, "It’s an amazing experience to sit in our caves from 1400 century. We have many cozy and exciting Caves."
Hmm, cozy AND exciting? Who can resist the siren call of dining together in a former prison?

FYI: The place closes at 21:00. The menu leans heavily toward meat. There are some vegetarian options (including broccoli quiche, mushroom crepes, moussaka, vegetarian pizza, cheese sandwiches) but I don't think there are vegan options.

Please holler if you need vegan and we will find a different place. If you don't want to have dinner, feel free to come fika instead. This place is new to me so I can't vouch for it, just like the idea of dining in a prison.
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Yes! I’d be up for dinner or fika - where did you see the opening hours, by the way?
posted by meijusa at 1:34 AM on October 31, 2018

On the contact page, bizarrely enough.
posted by Bella Donna at 1:32 PM on October 31, 2018

I have added a link to the menu in the post above. Couldn't not find a link to the menu on the Swedish website but on the ugly, English version it exists. So odd, and perhaps outdated as well.
posted by Bella Donna at 3:05 PM on October 31, 2018

Sounds fun.
Add me to list.
Not sure about the prison bit.
I have spent a night in, well not an actual prison, but a police cell in the Old Town.
Another story.
Prefer vegetarian but flexible.
posted by jan murray at 3:12 PM on October 31, 2018

I’m a maybe, still getting my butt kicked in the New Project and trying to max one thing a week, and might be doing a thing Tuesday.
posted by Iteki at 8:57 AM on November 2, 2018

Iteki, hang in there! Hope you can make but if not there is always next time.
posted by Bella Donna at 4:15 AM on November 7, 2018

Since I was out last night in the end I won’t make it tonight but please keep inviting me and have a nice time! :)
posted by Iteki at 9:54 AM on November 7, 2018

Iteki, we have not met up yet. We are getting together week 47, Wednesday 21 November. There is still the possibility of meeting up with us, merely FYI. <3
posted by Bella Donna at 8:31 AM on November 11, 2018

oh, I'm glad! Confused but glad. Hope to see you there.
posted by Iteki at 10:45 AM on November 11, 2018 [1 favorite]

To any newcomers: I have bright pink glasses frames and will be wearing a striped sweater under my blue dress.
posted by Bella Donna at 8:31 AM on November 21, 2018 [1 favorite]

On the train to Stockholm, minus the +1 (hon orkar inte). Looking forward to seeing you all!
posted by anthill at 8:55 AM on November 21, 2018

I’m just round the corner with a pint of Elvis Juice.
will be there on the dot.
Now or never
posted by jan murray at 9:33 AM on November 21, 2018

jan murray, so glad you made it! Ditto for St. Oops!

If you like you can message me here with an email address and I will add you to the Stockholm MetaFilter email group, which gets a message whenever anyone in the group decides to call a meeting, basically.
posted by Bella Donna at 1:05 PM on November 21, 2018

That was fun.
Thank you for setting it up.
Lets do it again.
Updated my email too
posted by jan murray at 1:57 PM on November 21, 2018

Lovely to see you all.

Our favorite Swedish cultural critique show so far, Full Patte, was on but is unfortunately in the process of cycling off their catalog.

For carbon-negative biochar stoves (and how many are trying to 'build a better mousetrap') this UN-sponsored catalog is the best list I've found. They're not going to heat your 1960s rowhouse, though.

Until next time?
posted by anthill at 12:34 AM on November 22, 2018

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