Drinking beers in the sun
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Sun September 9 at 11:30 AM, Concordia Club
1 Richardsons Cres, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia (Map & Directions)
The German club in Tempe is a decent blend of convenience and good food, and I think we should have a meet up there. Table has been booked for 8 under the name Krista (may be spelt wrong). Hopefully outside. I'll post my phone number day of for anyone whose lost.
Time is flexible, just show up whenever. The kitchen closes from 3pm, but there is always cake. Really good cake.

Kids welcome, and it's pretty kid friendly. Or kid appropriate maybe, as the older german men can get quite germanic when rules are broken. But there are always lots of kids and there are a couple of croquet greens to run around on (my friend with a toddler brings a soft ball for kicking around) and giant pretzels.

Tempe Station is across the road, 422 and 348 go nearby and the Cooks River cycle path runs down one side. Plenty of parking onsite or at Tempe train station if the car park's full.
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You had me at giant pretzels.
posted by His thoughts were red thoughts at 9:46 PM on August 2, 2018

I thought they were for kicking around?
posted by taff at 11:40 PM on August 2, 2018

That's something I can get behind. My partner and I am in.
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Tempting. Got to love a place where a veal schnitty is the light option.
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I'll be there, very likely with partner + kids.
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Are there always giant pretzels?

On preview I realize this is he wrong Tempe for me (I’m in AZ) .. but I will have a giant pretzel in your honor anyhow!
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I suppose I'd better go to the annual memorial lunch for my parents, but I'd rather be pretzelling if truth be told. And Tempe is nearly tempeh so it's practically vegetarian.
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Tempe is nearly tempeh so it's practically vegetarian.
Speaking of which, the Käsespätzle is pretty good here, so I'm looking forward to this.
Shame we won't be catching up PK, it's been a long time between drinks.
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Well, I found out my family event is actually on saturday, so still some hope due to stupidity. Trouble is, I might need to be around to show off my place to prospective new flatties.
I will be there or I won't, I guess, which is how it always was.
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Table booked for 11.30 under the name Krista (I did not spell it for him, so it may be some other variation on Chris). Hopefully outside, but he said they were pretty booked, so we'll have to see.
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I've got some uni organising stuff to do later on Sunday, but I should be able to make it for a bit at least, if that's cool.
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Of course AnhydrousLove, all welcome for however long. Though it'd be awesome if someone else could come at 11.30 so I'm not a nigel no friends.
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Right, my number is 0409116715, I'm a blonde woman with black framed glasses, and I will have my knitting (pinkish sock). I'll try to add details of where I am when I get there.
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Table 35. >
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We’ll be there shortly.
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I drank all the beers. Excellent day!
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You did indeed.
Thank you so much for organising it. We both had a very fun time.
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I drank most of the beers! And then I went home and had a "nap" at about 6pm and woke up again at 8 this morning.

Thanks for a great day out!
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