Grab a pint with us in Glasgow!
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Wed July 25 at 6:00 PM, The Bon Accord
153 North St, Glasgow G3 7DA, UK (Map & Directions)
Under_petticoat_rule and I will be in Glasgow briefly. We're Americans but don't hold that against us. Come have a pint with us at a pub that comes highly recommended by many sources including the Good Pub Guide (with special awards for beer selection and budget pricing). Tell us all the things we should be seeing in Glasgow!
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Will be in Ireland, sorry!
posted by hfnuala at 12:52 PM on July 14, 2018

Dammit! I missed the potential Aberdeen meetup because I had a load of stuff going on and while I'm in Glasgow almost every weekend (with the exception of 21st/22nd July since I'm working), I can't do midweek as I'm about 100 miles away.

If you want Glasgow recommendations though I'm happy to provide!
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I'm out the country as of the 24th for a week so will not be able to make it. Hope ye's have a braw time.
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Just round the corner from my work and a pub I've not yet been in! Might be able to make it, might be away down south that day unfortunately.

What sort of stuff are you interested in and how long are you in town for?
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I'm away to Berlin early the next morning, so am leaning a little towards not be able to make it, but I've never been to one of these, so I will pop in if I can!
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Leud, we are in town for three days. Under_petticoat_rule likes collapsing old buildings (Einsturzende Eltbauten?). I like history, books and street artm. Tips?
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Len, yes please recs!!!
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I'm not a Glasgow native - only been here a little over five years and originally from the north east so I'm probably not the best for this but can hopefully help give you some ideas.

The Glasgow reddit has a pretty good tourist guide which you can't go far wrong with.

Street art there are a couple of easy suggestions - the city-centre-mural-trail is an official trail there through some of the bigger 'official' works. Also yardworks 2018 happened at SWG3 back in May but is still available to see till Sept aparently so worth checking out. Was at SWG3 the other week to see Soulwax but didn't stop to check out the yard. There are other bits and pieces all throughout the city though pretty much anywhere you go.

Not sure if it counts as crumbling but the central station tour has a really good reputation. Not been myself but only heard good things about it. There are some urban ex things around Glasgow. Seems to be a very unfortunate coincidence of interesting derelict buildings burning down and turning into student flats these days though.

History - lots around, particularly if you have transport. I'm kind of partial to old stuff so I'd lean towards checking out Bronze/Iron age hillforts/settlements - there are several not far away, often these will involve a bit of a hike. Generally only a few ditches will be all there is to actually see so definitely not everyone's idea of a good time.There are several castles nearby which may tick both the crumbling buildings and history flags together, the cathedral too could be a good visit though it's not crumbling as far as I'm aware! For Roman stuff the antonine wall goes by the north side of Glasgow. There are the baths there are Bearsden and various forts along it which can be worth checking out.
There are bound to be various places relating to the covenanters / wars of the three kingdoms period around - though off the top of my head I don't know anywhere particularly worth recommending.

For more modern aspects of history the peoples palace and even the transport museum do help place Glasgow in the grand scheme of things.
We've just had the most ridiculous period of weather (basically a full 2 months of blue skies and sunshine) but it looks like its going back to normal for the time you'll be here so you've missed out a little there.
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Rednikki- given your interest in history and books- the pub you have chosen is next to the Mitchell Library which is worth a visit.
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Thanks for everyone's suggestions! We really appreciated all of them.
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