Game on at Game Haus?
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Sun August 5 at 1:00 PM, GameHaus
1800 S Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I have never been to: a) Game Haus, or b) a MeFi meetup, but I would very much like to. Would any of you be interested in doing game night there this month or next? The only days I can't do are the ones surrounding Comic Con weekend (July 18 - 22). UPDATE: Date/Time added!
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Yes, very interested! All but the last week of July sounds great.
posted by Atrahasis at 7:34 AM on July 4, 2018

Yes, definitely interested! Game Haus is excellent! I'm currently available July 28-29 and August 4-5.

My personal preference is to start earlier in the day (before 2pm). The nice thing about having a meetup at Game Haus is that it can go on for a few hours and is amenable to individuals arriving later or leaving earlier as needed.
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Yes, Game Haus meetups are quite fun. I missed the last one due to a last minute conflict. There will have to be at least a couple rounds of The Royal Game of Ur.
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This sounds good! I created a scheduling page for everyone to enter what dates and times will work for them.
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And here is the scheduling results page.
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I went to Game Haus for the first time a couple of weeks ago, and I enjoyed my experience there. I would be interested in attending a meetup there.
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I have never a) & b) and would like to also.
Thank you for setting up a scheduling page.
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Thank you, Alice! I can't yet see the scheduling results page but hopefully my email verification will come through soon.
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Yay, happy to see there's significant interest around meeting at Game Haus!

With this in mind, Hermione Granger can you go ahead and pick a date that works for most, and switch this event from "Proposed" to Confirmed"? That way we can reserve the date in our calendars as other potential scheduling conflicts start cropping up!
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I'm in! This is my favorite place in the world.

We are going to need a reservation. The way this has worked in the past is that a week before, when we have a count, someone will call and put the cost on their card, and everyone will pay that person back when they get there. Late additions can just call and add to the existing reservation. In my experience, even if someone flakes the rest have thrown in a few extra dollars to cover that person. Note: reserved entry costs more.
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Yeah, I'm in (and in Glendale no less) barring unexpected events... And I've done the reseveration thing before and would again no problem. I'd also say that maybe earlier is OK... It seemed that they basically reseved a space/table for the whole day anyway (instead of like tossing people off their table for an incoming reservation... guess that sorta depends).
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Ok! I will make it so once I get home from work! I'll make the reservation, too. So excited! I bought Monopoly Deal for the occasion in case GameHaus doesn't have it.
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Have updated event! Will do as Room 641-A suggested and make reservation closer to date. :) YAY
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I hope to make it... I'm relocating to the SGV at the end of the month (so close enough to Glendale...) and it would be fun to go to my first MeFi meet-up.
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Hermione Granger, I will gladly send funds through PayPal to cover my portion of the reservation, if you prefe to collect funds ahead of time to reduce flakiness!
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Thank you, Goblin! I will be calling to make a reservation for 12 tomorrow morning based on our current RSVP list. We can do PayPal/Venmo before or once folks arrive. I will be there first thing of course. Haven't decided how to earmark our table yet. May just post a sign saying, "Flag and move on." IDK, suggestions welcome!
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I'm still a maybe, I'm unexpectedly double-booked and haven't decided how I'm handling that yet. =\
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I'm a big maybe. Mom's in town for an unknown length of time.
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I'm afraid I have to move to a "maybe". I'm going out of town on Saturday and there is some debate as to what time I'll be back on Sunday.
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Hi all! The nice man at the Haus let me know that he has a few other large groups coming in on Sunday and that he needs me to give a hard deadline of noon tomorrow in order for me to square away as accurate a reservation as possible. Please adjust your RSVP accordingly! I can't wait to see those of you who can make it.
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count me in!
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Reservation for 12 made!!! Event starts at 1pm. If you have never been to GameHaus please visit their website for more info on where to park. If you are one of the 12 who RSVPd above, please say, "I'm with the MetaFilter group," when you get to the counter to be brought to our table! If you were a maybe who does end up being able to come, also great! So long as we don't exceed 20 I think we are ok. :)

As we trickle in I will share my Venmo/PayPal link so we can square reservation fees away. Thank you!!
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I will be arriving together with my +1 and Room 641-A, please excuse us as we may arrive slightly after 1 pm but we are coming!
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Only slightly hung-over and slightly running late, coffee, shower, and I'll be on my way.
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No worries! I am here already :) We got the big picnic bench!
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Thank you all for being great! Looking forward to the next one. I wish I had gotten there earlier. :)
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Hi all, I had fun meeting everyone and trying to draw grilled cheese sandwiches and dungeons with you!

You're all invited to join me this Thursday at Nerd Nite LA. It's a monthly casual event held Thursday nights at a bar in Mid-City. I will definitely be going with a friend, so get in touch with me if you'd like to form a group! Details here:

And tickets do occasionally sell out, so I recommend buying a ticket in advance.
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Next time let's play Secret Hitler?
Thanks for organizing Hermione! Hopefully PayPal worked, let me know if not.
I have one pic of (some of) us playing Codenames if anyone wants to have it, it's when Rob was trying to keep a straight face as the clue-giver.
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I had a great time with you all playing board games! Looking forward to next time, and I will gladly play Secret Hitler!

Yes to scheduling local meetup events more often, of all varieties!
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Thank you all for coming! It was great to meet each of you and your +1s. I immediately ordered Codenames as soon as I got home, SpamAndKimchi. Looking forward to our next meetup!
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Thanks HG for organizing. Gamed Haus is always such a blast. I forgot to make somebody play "The Royal Game of Ur", I forgot to grab a beer from the café, I'm not a good Spy and suck at drawing. Much fun. ++do_again.
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I'd definitely be up for trying Secret Hitler next time! The games were a lot of fun, and it was so great to meet everybody.
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