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Mr. Conspiracy and I are going to be visiting Spokane at the end of July. We're free in the late afternoon and into the evening of Friday, August 3 and I'm wondering if there are any Spokane or Spokane-adjacent MeFites who want to get together for a meetup. Thinking a hangout involving drinks, food and mellow conversation in a reasonably chill venue in/around downtown Spokane. Suggestions welcome - we've visited before and we know there are some great beverages and eats to be had in that town.
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I'd be down! Kendall Yards is a newish but beautiful area with some good hangout spots. Nectar and Central Food and Veraci Pizza are all there overlooking the river and city.
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Still up for meeting up with folks on the 3rd - just thought I'd throw this out sooner rather than later so I'll confirm this a little later. Kendall Yards sounds like a good option! Food, wine/beer. Nice view. We're pretty low maintenance like that.
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I could be convinced
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So unfortunately it looks like we won’t be available Friday - some family plans have come up, and we’re leaving early the next morninh. Boo. :(

It’s lovely here, though (a dry heat, as they say).
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