Tokyo MeFites: You are overdue for a meetup
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Tue July 3 at 6:00 PM, Kanda Craft Beer Market
1 Chome-7-5 Kajichō, Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to 101-0044, Japan (Map & Directions)
Can I tempt you out for snacks or dinner and beers? I'll be in Tokyo for a textile/fiber arts conference July 2, 3, and back again July 9 and would love to meet some of you in the evening(s). I now can only meet tomorrow July 3 instead of July 9. I will go to Kanda Craft Beer Market with MeFi loot for 6pm and hope that some of you can attend.
I think we're staying in Minato, but I am not afraid of transit. I know some of the festivities of the conference are at the Tama Art University Museum (namely, an exhibition of International Contemporary Art of Shibori), in case that triggers any other ideas.

I eat most things (animals, yes, but I get a little squidgy about the texture of, e.g., lung) and drink all the things except *coffee*.

Are you amenable? Any suggestions for a venue/date?
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I work until 6, and barring any sudden office outings I should be free for dinner those days! I'm terrible at venue suggestions, however.
posted by lesser weasel at 6:49 AM on May 30

July 2, 3, or 9 are all open for me. Tama Art University Museum looks like it is out by Tama Center so likely a bit out of the way for most Tokyo-area MeFites, but it is Hello Kitty's Town. Let's see who else may be in and then pick a spot.
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I might be able to meet up after work on the 2nd or 3rd, but the 9th is pretty impossible for me. I'd be able to stay out a bit longer on the 3rd than the second (early shifts Saturday and Sunday, late shift Monday means later nights on Sunday are doable). There aren't as many places open on Sundays and Saturdays though. Tama is a bit too far to this child of Chiba, though. I might know several fun and exciting places to try delicious Japanese craft beers, if you might be interested.
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I am delighted to try delicious Japanese craft beers.
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If that's okay, then just off the top of my head, there's iBrew in Shinbashi, which is exclusively domestic craft beer, and has 30 taps. There's the Kanda branch of Craft Beer Market (a small chain of beer bars) which has a similar number of taps, slightly more in the way of food, though not exclusively Japanese beer. Both are on the less expensive-r side of beer in Japan.

Minato is a pretty big area, any idea what station you'll be closest to?
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The two notional hotels for the conference ( I don't have assignments yet) that are listed are at 1-5-10 Shibakōen and 3-3-1 Shibakōen, so I guess.. Onarimon? Shibakōen and Daimon stations don't seem far either.

What do other local folks think?

And do any of you have any desire for particular US or Oregon/Pacific Northwest goods that I can legally pack in my luggage to bring you? Very hoppy PNW IPAs? Varietal ciders?
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I work in Shinbashi, which is also very close to Shibakoen (our post office!) and Daimon; so personally that location works well for me. Kanda is also easily accessible.
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I, too, work right around there, near Daimon and Hamamatsucho stations. Small world.
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Either location works for me. I will just mention that Kanda Craft Beer Market has excellent lamb-based snacks at reasonable prices, while iBrew has an extremely limited food menu, so I'd prefer Kanda if everything else is equal. (Also Kanda has a new standing-bar right around the corner, in case there are problems with crowd/entourage overflow.)
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Any of those days should work for me and while Kanda's probably easiest, Daimon is also workable. A better selection of snacks is appealing as the only (?) teetotaler among Tokyo MeFites.
I might be able to meet up after work on the 2nd or 3rd, but the 9th is pretty impossible for me. I'd be able to stay out a bit longer on the 3rd than the second (early shifts Saturday and Sunday, late shift Monday means later nights on Sunday are doable). There aren't as many places open on Sundays and Saturdays though.
Maybe I've misunderstood, but this sounds like you're talking about June 2nd, 3rd, and 9th, whereas July 2nd and 9th are Mondays and the 3rd is a Tuesday.
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Wow. Uh. Yeah. My reading comprehension might not be what it once was. In my defense, both June and July are four letters long, and both start with... this isn't really going to work, is it?

Damn. Most Mondays and Tuesdays I work, and almost certainly those Mondays and the Tuesday. I was wondering why there was such a sudden meet up. While I'm probably unable to go, I do recommend Kanda CBM's tasty lamb food. The menchi katsu (think deep fried breaded meat loaf, but here it's meat loaf made with lamb!) is excellent.

/very bashfully backs out of the room.
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Oh, I spose I can also do lunch on the 10th if that's better for anyone. My flight out of Narita isn't until 4pm.
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I'm available on the 9th (afternoon or evening), but out of the country on the 2nd/3rd and working all day on the 10th. Any of the locations mentioned would be fine with me.
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Sounds like we have a quorum for the 9th and Kanda Craft Beer Market?
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OK, posted. I guessed at 6pm since most of you are going to coming after work, and I'm not actually sure when I'll be back in Tokyo that day.

Ghidorah -- I am sorry to miss meeting you!
posted by janell at 2:32 PM on June 16

Sounds good for me so far! As long as my evening is free that night I should show up around 6:30 or so.
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Sorry for the last minute change. Apparently we aren’t back in tokyo until 10pm on the 9th. I hope some of you can still make this on such short notice!
posted by janell at 5:37 AM on July 2

I will be there!
posted by Umami Dearest at 6:06 AM on July 2

Fantastic! Cortex sent me with fresh stickers and MeFi mixtapes from long ago. See you tomorrow!
posted by janell at 6:20 AM on July 2

Wow, I'm actually off tomorrow, but I need to be in narita all day. Darn. Have a great time, Umami Dearest is good people to drink with.
posted by Ghidorah at 8:16 AM on July 2 [1 favorite]

Still in for the meet up! See you soon.
posted by Gotanda at 7:29 PM on July 2

Oh! I'm glad I saw this. I'll stop by after work.
posted by lesser weasel at 1:31 AM on July 3

(Work ends @ 6 so I'll be there around 6:30)
posted by lesser weasel at 1:45 AM on July 3

I expect to arrive 615. Sweaty white lady in a blue shirt.
posted by janell at 2:04 AM on July 3

That penne was tasty!

Janell, thanks for the mixtape. Here's the cat cafe in Yamagata....
posted by Umami Dearest at 7:02 AM on July 3

Everything was tasty! Thank you for setting this up, and for the CD and stickers. I’ve been listening to the mixtape tonight, and it’s very cool so far.
posted by lesser weasel at 7:45 AM on July 3

Yes!! So glad cortex and I were able to help send a little Oregon, USA joy out your way! Someday I would very much like to visit and meet you all, but for now I'll be content to live vicariously through Janell.
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Thanks, Janell. And, Ghidorah, I have a mix tape for you. All the food was awesome, especially those gyoza. But the Beef and Dairy Network has some shockingly terrible information about the dangers of lamb.
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Sorry I couldn't make it to this meetup, but hope to meet Tokyo Mefites another time!
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I'm just home and put up the few photos I took. It was lovely to meet and spend an evening with you all. It ended up that we were super busy with conference stuff in Yamagata, so I didn't get a chance to visit the cat cafe. Alas!

Now on to the Beef and Dairy Network podcast, and picking up "Understanding Comics" from the library.
posted by janell at 11:42 PM on July 11

Oh, hey! I'm in Zushi. I hope everyone meets up again at some point and I might can make it. Its usually about an hour on the train to get to most parts of Tokyo.
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