Broadway Waltz
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Fri April 20 at 7:00 PM, MAC Dance Studio
1718 Broadway, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Two world-class dance teachers teaching mazurka clandestina, which is suitable for dancing in a plaza to a plaintive violin at dusk*. We will be practicing inside and with the lights on though. More at
* N.b: you all know about Dancing til Dusk, yes? It will be happening again this year.
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I know this: the Obeebo is not a dance, despite the brass steps between Republican and Mercer.
posted by y2karl at 8:56 AM on April 20, 2018

Well, it's a dance now, allowing a slightly tango move in which the follow steps over one of the lead's feet. I mean, it's more of a dance than the Broadway Steps waltz is a waltz*; I gather the artist traced Arthur Murray dancers but I hold to my point. A box step would be more useful.

... Just checked to see if anyone had written an obeebo tune, and found instead a trademark application for "MACHINE ASSISTED CREATIVITY covers Providing temporary use of non-downloadable cloud-based software for writing music, analyzing music and creating musical compositions using artificial intelligence". Huh.

*File this with "plain text" and "415 A" and "fitted sheets aren't worth the trouble". I'm not wrong, but I'm much disagreed with.
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He made up two joke dances, the obeebo and other of which I of course forget. The coffee beans in the heels denote the location of the second Starbucks evar, open at the time in a former drycleaners.
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Option: violin-player is actually Hungarian?
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That would be wistfully delightful in its own way, Twang. Do you happen to know a Hungarian violinist in Seattle?
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