NYC Metafilter Book Meetup
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I’m reading Pachinko by Min Jin Lee. I’d like to talk about it with people. Metafilter is full of great and thoughtful people. I think this book would be good for discussion in two meetings because it’s long, with the paperback coming in at 479 pages. There are discussion questions in the back of the book. We could choose two or three (or more!) things to talk about.
I am open to inexpensive options for coffee places if everyone coming is able to commit to buying a coffee and/or pastry to make our taking up space not a burden on the shop. This meetup would have a flexible arrival time and a firm discussion start time, to hopefully prevent interruptions of the conversation. I suspect we could also meet at one of the libraries.

Shoutout to the very nice clerk at the strand who offered to hold a used copy of one came in, but I opted to splurge on a new copy because I’m also reading this for a book club that I’ve never attended before. I’m shameless in my multi task book reading. The holds list for this book at NYPL is very long.

We could discuss the first half in April and then the second half in May or June if that time line works for people.
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This was my bookgroup read for February, I did not make it. I'm slated to not make it for March as it's another long read, but April might work for this.
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I would be interested in this if the timing works out, but I've never done a bookclub discussion in parts before. This is maybe a dumb question but does that work well? I guess I always figured you needed to finish the whole work to get a full sense of the themes ...
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I finished it last Monday and would love to talk about it, but i don’t know that there’s enough in it for two sessions. Btw, the wait list moves fairly quickly, but NY doesn’t have an ebook, which could be an issue for some people.
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