Broadway Waltz
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Fri March 16 at 7:20 PM, Mitchell Activity Center at Seattle Central College
1718 Broadway, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Energetic (if you'd like) ballroom dancing in a very informal setting. Open-role partnering (that means you can lead and/or follow with anyone); free lesson for total beginners from 7:20-8; dancing 8-10.
I like old-fashioned dancing because -- well, largely because there's lots of great music and you whirl around energetically, but also there are basic steps to learn and then you are perfectly safe and OK, but there's always more to learn and you can do freeform improvisation too. Good social exercise for nerds, is what I'm outlining here. And a group generally goes out for snackums and a drink afterwards, everyone welcome.

I teach the lesson. It's a leap in the deep end that goes from "walking" to "rotary waltz" in 40 minutes; you are not expected to get everything first time, this is the fastest we can do to let you know if you *would* like it if you practiced.

Details at
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Is there a link for more info? (Cost, age limit, dress up expectations, more things I'm not thinking of...)
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There should have been, and there is now; thanks Margalo.

$7, $5 for students, no age limit, no partner needed (we dance with each other). We can't have spike heels because they damage the floor; other than that you want shoes that stay on your feet while you're swivelling. Keds or basketball shoes are great, a lot of office shoes are great, leather soles are super great. People come in really casual clothes, and a lot of office clothes because it's a workday, and some night-out clothes. The room is very casual.

There's a FAQ on our website, and if you think of anything else, please ask, here or privately.
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Eeeeee, this is very exciting! I desperately would like to do this, now to see if I can convince the husband.
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I never know who's going to show up, but it's very unlikely he'd be the only beginner (if that's the rub). And we generally have some experienced dancers who are happy to dance with beginners, since how else do you get more dancers?
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I'll be there with another experienced dancer!
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