Friday night at the Jason George
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Fri March 23 at 7:00 PM, The Jason George
100 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5A 1E1, Canada (Map & Directions)
Jessamyn is back again in Toronto! An excellent time to call another meetup =)
Jessamyn's best meetup date & time is Friday night, March 23rd.
I'm proposing we meet at our usual default meetup location, the Jason George.

ETA March 10th:
I've gone ahead & called this for the proposed evening and location.
Can't wait to see you all again! =)
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Woo! I will be in town for Tech Forum. Looking forward to seeing people.
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Aw I'm having a neighbourhood belated Spring Equinox party that night. Have fun! if it goes late I will try to pop by.
posted by biggreenplant at 6:04 AM on March 8, 2018

There's also a meetup on March 21st! what a week for Mefi.
I'll swing by if you guys are meeting after work ~6pm?
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We're up for both!

PSA - chococat's music is great and people should try to make it out to see him.
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We're seeing a show on the evening of the 23rd, but should be able to make it by just after 9:00.
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It's a strong maybe. I'm up to my ears these days, but I can't resist a little Jessamyn.
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I have rehearsal until 9:30 that Friday but I will sprint there right after. Then I will stay out late and make bad choices with you lovely people in advance of that Saturday's 10am rehearsal. It's going to be great.
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Probably most likely having beers with you guys that night.
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Two things in a week? With people?
Well, I'll try.
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I promise, I am barely people.
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I wish Shepherd and I could as we've not seen Jessamyn since our close proximity to Vermont. But alas, my part-time job has me working a 12 hour day the day after and getting to TO on a Friday is tricky. Hopefully next time!
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I'd love to join you all but that's my father's birthday, and so I will be spending that evening out of town with family.
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What time are people thinking of going? I could likely show up after work.
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Yay! I've just moved to Toronto and was planning to organise a meetup, but now I don't have to. Looking forward to meeting you all!
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Confirming intent to attend!
posted by seanmpuckett at 8:15 PM on March 19, 2018

All right, I've reserved space for us at The Jason George for 7 PM under "Metafilter".
If I am not there by 7 PM (because of traffic) for whatever reason (I'll take "traffic" for $400, Alex) but you are on time, please tell 'em you're with the Metafilter reservation!

Looking forward to seeing y'all shortly! =)
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Wooo I am currently wrapping up my conference, will change clothes and wander down there. Should be on timeish.
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I wish I could make it, but life has suddenly gotten in the way of my aspirations. Have a good time, all!
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Not going to make it. I will toast you all with a nice glass of red!
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We're on our way, will be there around 7:30. No good excuse, got distracted binge watching Mozart in the Jungle.
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aargh, soz, can't make it. Too much trundling around today and I got too out of time.

“It's a wild life in Scarborough …”
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Just now dragging our tired old asses to Bathurst station.
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Blind darts playing has commenced. Still working out health and safety best practices.
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I am very very sorry I missed blind darts.
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Darts fucking ROCKED.
Honestly my fave part of the night.
I love all you folks, honestly. It’s really the purest form of joy just seeing everyone joking around. Goodnight from a drunken sap.
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It was amazing to see you all! I have an awesome excuse if my voice sounds terrible tomorrow during seven hours of choir practice. (PS: rat'n'loveseat is the best human for bringing us home and for generally being awesome, fight me)
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