Out of My Basement: One Night Only
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Wed March 21 at 8:30 PM, Burdock
1184 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6H 1N2, Canada (Map & Directions)
I'm playing a rare, short, solo opening set at my brother's record release event, and then playing in his band for the main show. Doors open at 8:30, show starts 9pm. $10 advance (tickets here), $12 at the door.
Come see some shaky basement pop and possibly a live panic attack.
Burdock has great food, an on-site brewery and a separate, cozy little music space.
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This sounds fantastic!
posted by mandolin conspiracy at 6:39 AM on March 5, 2018 [1 favorite]

That's like half a block from my place... I'll try to make it. Burdock has some great beers.
posted by sevenyearlurk at 7:27 AM on March 5, 2018 [1 favorite]

Cool! I'll come to cheer and drink beer.
posted by olya at 10:57 AM on March 5, 2018 [1 favorite]

I will try and come! I haven't been to a meet up in ages. (Or doing much at all on the site.)
posted by chunking express at 7:56 AM on March 7, 2018 [1 favorite]

Never been to Burdock but I have enjoyed some of their beer. I'll try to make it out, though midweek is tough.
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Oh wow a chococat performance! I wish I could be there. I'll be rooting for you from afar, and (silently) singing along to your songs in spirit! Congrats on the gig and on your brother's record. :)
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Thanks a bunch everyone, hope you can come. Bringing my son on stage for a few songs! and there’s a few other surprises I’m not allowed to reveal but it should be a fun night.
posted by chococat at 8:37 PM on March 16, 2018

Depending on how the rest of this day goes I might come early for some food. Might have to leave early too, though.
posted by rodlymight at 8:03 AM on March 21, 2018

Jet-lag is still killing me so I'm bailing as jet-lag + beer from experience makes for a poor combination. I'm sorry to miss it and hope to make it to the next one!
posted by olya at 5:31 PM on March 21, 2018

On my way very soon!
posted by sevenyearlurk at 5:34 PM on March 21, 2018

I'm not sure why, but there was a piper and highland dancers to kick things off.

Brian is now playing "Optimist"
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... and bgm & son just knocked a perfect version of TF's "Planets". I may have been the only one singing along because scottish
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Have always enjoyed “Sorry You Died.” Glad it was on the setlist!
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I didn't find any mefites (tbh I didn't look very hard) but I enjoyed your set. It was nice to see you playing with your kid :)
posted by sevenyearlurk at 8:10 PM on March 21, 2018 [1 favorite]

You folks are awesome, I’m so happy and grateful you could come. Was great to chat with a few of you but I’m so sorry I missed a bunch, I was on another planet, honestly. Thanks so much for coming.
posted by chococat at 10:21 PM on March 21, 2018 [1 favorite]

Thanks for the enjoyable evening of music.

sevenyearlurk - sorry we missed you!
posted by mandolin conspiracy at 9:35 AM on March 22, 2018

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