PDX-adjacent campout!
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Thu June 21 at 4:00 PM, Lost Lake Campground and Resort
Lakeshore Express Trail #658, Cascade Locks, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
This will happen Thursday afternoon - Sunday morning, June 21-24 at Lost Lake Campground and Resort. I've booked a site near the top end of the D loop. Reservations can be made at ReserveAmerica.com.
We've done a few MeFi campouts in far-flung places - Washington, eastern Oregon, and California - and they've been great and I'm totally up for more of them (Olympic peninsula, anyone?). But this time I wanted to propose one closer to home so that maybe more local folks could make it.

We've historically stuck to established vehicle-accessible campsites with at least some facilities and potable water, so we're not talking serious roughing-it, backcountry, bring your own TP and trowel sort of stuff.

Oh, it would be ever so jolly!

NOTE: Campgrounds close to town get booked up seriously quickly! Act now!!
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I should also mention that we never lack for awesome food at these things.
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Silver Falls has 2 group spots and it's about an hour and a half away. L.L Stub Stewart is near Vernonia while Milo MacIver is just outside Estacada. All 3 are state campgrounds so they tend to have better facilities like yurts or showers.
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I am always in favor of reserving a group site rather than fussing about multiple site reservations so far in advance.
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That sounds great! I'm definitely not a fan of heat (see what I did there!? 👀), and would love to go someplace where there's swimming but it's not a dealbreaker.

Count me in!
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I've been curious about Lost Lake Resort and Campground - it has some great scenery. And a lake.
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I approve of this plan in a major way! I too have been curious about Lost Lake- has anyone been there?
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I saw an episode of No Reservations that staged a segment there - does that count?
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I would love to go camping. I did flake on the last campout because the date ended up not working. And I was bummed about that! ( mostly for being a flake.) Hopefully this year will work out!
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I'd be interested, I had a great time with several of you a few years ago. I'm also interested in Lost Lake
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Lost Lake looks lovely! It has several "organization" camping areas -- Area 2 is $85 with space for 15 people/5 cars (compare to $27/tent site).
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I think getting a group site is an excellent idea.
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I love camping and am potentially interested. I dig Trillium Lake, very pretty and good for canoeing/kayaking, but I'm also open to other ideas.
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Ooh, Lost Lake looks pretty too.
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So maybe we should talk about dates.
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Yes... According to this, it looks like June is the magic time between rainy and too hot for comfortable camping. That being the case, what weekends in June can anyone NOT do?
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June sounds good to me! I probably can't do the weekend of June 30th (but only because my calendar says I promised to be available to cat sit for janell, which I suspect means that's a no-go for her!) All other June weekends currently work for me.

If we were to stretch it to July (we are considering places with lakes, after all, so I'm willing to risk some warmer days as long as nights cool down) I'm not available the weekend of the 7th (got some concert tickets) but all other July weekends work.
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Taking a look at a different site with 30 years' worth of historical weather data, July might not be so bad at 3200'. Personally I'd still prefer the cooler June weather, but I'd be willing to risk hot weather up through, say, the first couple weekends in July.
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There are plenty of individual sites available for June weekends (none in July), but the group sites are completely booked for June and July weekends. So unless people want to talk about mid-week dates (which I'm not opposed to), next Saturday I'm going to go ahead and reserve an individual site for the weekend of June 22-24.
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I've booked site D4 for Thurs-Sat June 21-23 (leaving Sunday morning); apparently there's a 3-night minimum stay on weekends. There are 3 or 4 other surrounding campsites that are currently available for those dates, but don't expect them to stick around.

I'm going regardless, but I really hope some of you will join me!
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Irony! This would be the perfect timing for us to make it to last year's location. We'll hopefully be halfway back to Portland from Sac on a recumbent tandem.

Someday we'll make it. Have fun y'all! LOVE the closer to Portland locale, generally speaking.
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Ok! I have booked the next door site, D6!
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I don't think I can do this the weekend right before a bigger adventure, but I'll maybe swing by for an afternoon/dinner since it is close in).
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Dumb question; for a single tent / single car will I need to be reserving my own site, or do we have some number of folks already covered between D4/D6? Obviously happy to chip in if I'm sharing a site.
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Looking at the pictures of each campsite, I think we could probably double up 2 tents to a site, plus the extra-vehicle fee (I think it said $8/night?).
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Yeah, my site said it had 2 tent pads in the description, doubling up should work.
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Can I and my non-mefite partner share a campsite with you, Greg_Ace or Sectretariat? We won't be able to make it until Friday evening but happy to share costs for the full term.
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With you and churl, that pretty much locks up those two sites (unless they're a lot bigger than I think they are).

If anyone else is still interested, nearby sites D1, D2, D7, and D16 are available at the moment.
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I'm guessing 2 tents per is probably the max, from the way sites were described (and yeah, I'm fine sharing with either Kwine or Churl!)
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uhhh..... maybe?
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We'd love for you to join us! Be aware that you'll need to decide and reserve a campsite before they're all booked.
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timing means I may just be down for a day (early in, leave at dusk)
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Oh, ok, that's cool too.
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