24 Hrs to Trivia
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Tue October 17 at 8:00 PM, George and The Dragon Pub
206 N 36th St, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Pub quiz! Tomorrow! We know we can, do we think we should?
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Helen and I are at BAHFest tonight, so I can't make it.
posted by ChrisR at 6:44 AM on October 17, 2017

I can make it!
posted by skyscraper at 7:14 AM on October 17, 2017

Verloren hoop! See you there.
posted by clew at 10:30 AM on October 17, 2017

Got a thing tonight, sorry.
posted by Slarty Bartfast at 1:40 PM on October 17, 2017

Dammit. I absolutely can't leave the house tonight, unfortunately. Next week, I'm very, very, very in. And next week, I will be buying a round of shots* for everyone because of An Extremely Good Thing That Must Be Kept Off the Internet for the Next Few Weeks.

* If folks don't want to drink hard alcohol, that's fine. You may have a shot of Guinness, or of water, or of Diet Coke, BUT YOU ARE HAVING A SHOT.
posted by palmcorder_yajna at 3:44 PM on October 17, 2017

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