There's no place like Haus for the holidays!
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Lets get together for board and card games! With the holidays fast approaching, do people want to try for another Game Haus IRL before 2018? No experience necessary! Game Haus is a laughter-filled place in Glendale that has over 10,000 games, from strategic board games to party games like Pictionary. We usually get a mix of experienced players to help guide us and people like me, who have never played most of the games, and everyone is really patient. It's always a great time. Plus, they love us!
There is a flat cover charge which gives you unlimited time to play unlimited games. The price on weekends has gone up, from $5 to $7, so I suggest we just go with making reservations, which is a $10 cover. We had a very early start last time and the place was definitely hopping. Reservations need to be made a few days out and are not refundable.

We usually spend about 4-1/2 hours there, but you can always come late or leave early if you need to. No outside food or drink permitted, but they have a small cafe with prepared food and desserts, and they serve alcohol now.

If we black out the week of November 23rd and December 25th, are there other weekend dates that work for people? If people are interested I'll make a poll.
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Always dtgwmf!* Except 11/14-21, during which I will be at BGG Con.

*down to game with mefites
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I think a poll would be good - these are the months where people have a lot going on.
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I made a poll! I started it on 10/28 to give people time to see this and reply. That leaves us six weekends to choose from; we can figure out the details once we choose a date.

Game Haus is a laughter-filled place in Glendale that has over 10,000 games

Correction: Game Haus is a laughter-filled place in Glendale that has over 10,000 games 1,000 games

That would be pretty cool tho.
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I should be free most of December with the exception of the week immediately following Christmas. Work, of course, retains the right to go "NOPE" enthusiastically, but I'm cautiously optimistic!
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Having never been to a meetup before ... I’m nervous and have many questions. Will it be competitive when playing games? How do I find the group when I arrive? Do they have good beer (ipas)?
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I would say our vibe is definitely balanced more to the 'fun with your neighbor' side than 'fuck your neighbor', and weighted more towards party and lighter games than heavy strategy. (This could also just be my influence though and I worry that I'm not letting other voices/ideas be heard.)

When you go in and pay your cover, if you ask them where the MetaFilter group is they'll point us out - they know us. =D

I don't remember the beer selection, other than noting there were local brews. Given the area and popularity of IPA, I think the odds are good.
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I just came to say what ApathyGirl said. I think everyone is usually game to try something once, it's really casual. The first person to arrive usually posts in the thread with their location, maybe an identifying piece of clothing or something.
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