Game of Thrones Pop Up Bar
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Hey everybody, I really want to go to this! Based on my friends' pictures, the bar has a bunch of props and it just sounds like a treat. Anybody else up for grabbing a drink or two there? (Non-drinkers interested in drinking non-alcoholic stuffs are welcome as well, of course).
Since I mostly talk about GoT on here, I figured it would be fun to go with you guys, if anybody in/around DC can make it!

I'm actually free tomorrow (Sat) if anybody else is. Otherwise, maybe next week? I can do any day except Monday or Friday.
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Be warned that the wait times are ridiculously long; we had friends who got in line at 4 PM and didn't actually get inside until almost 9 PM.
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Hee, I have a friend who works there. Dunno if he can get us in early, but he studied really hard and has been having a blast.
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