Meetup in Chicago!
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I'm traveling to Chicago next week. Anyone free to get together on Tuesday (8/8) or Wednesday (8/9)? I'm up for dinner, drinks, rocking out, etc.
And I know nothing about Chicago, so wherever/whatever is convenient for you all is great by me! The only caveat is that I'll be using public transport and cabs to get around.
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Welcome! Do you know where you'll be staying? We are large, we contain multitudes, so any info you have would help us craft the finest Chicago experience it is possible to muster.

And please remember there is NO Chicago Cabal!
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I'm out of town but generally Wednesday is better for folks than Tuesday. Also, generally we do better if you give us a date and time and neighborhood, we'll get you a place.
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I can't do Tuesday and I know several other people have conflicts that day as well, but I'd be happy to come join you somewhere on Wednesday! Let us know what part of town you're staying in and if you have any food or drink preferences and we'll make some suggestions.
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OK, Wednesday it is!

Time: anytime after 4pm.

Place: I'm going to be spending most of the day in Old Town, and then staying with a friend out in Forest Park.

I like pretty much any kind of food -- but of course I'm a corny tourist, so anything "Chicago-y" is best (no idea what "Chicago-y" even means, please ignore if necessary).

Oh, I would never even suspect there's a Chicago cabal!

(Long live the cabal!).
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I'd love to roll out the red carpet but I am absolutely swamped all week. Hope you have a wonderful trip, though!
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If anybody is still free tonight (!) --

I am hanging out in the Old Town Starbucks right now -- the one right by Second City, on the corner of Wells and North (GPS-friendly address is 210 W North Ave) -- and could use some company! Let me know if you can come by :)

I am sitting at the window counter, wearing a white button-down over shirt, black pants, gray tank, and have a black and red handbag.

I will probably be here until around 5:30, then taking the El over to Grant Park for the (outdoor) Mariachi concert. Anybody available is welcome to come along to that, too. My friend will be joining me/us there around 6:30-7pm.

Let me know! Otherwise I will be sitting here *shudder* attempting to do some work. Please save me from myself, I would very much appreciate it. :)
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Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry for not circling back here. This has been A Week and I have something I have to do in my neighborhood tonight, so I don't think I'm going to be able to get down to Old Town/downtown in time to find you. I'm really sorry this isn't working out and that I didn't check in again before now!
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No worries, @jessypie! Can only do what you can do :)

I'm heading down to the park now, for the concert. If anyone is able/interested in coming, let me know!

Also, let me know if you want to do something on Friday. The friend I'm hanging out with observes the sabbath, so I'm going to be at loose ends :)

Oh, and I'm thinking about doing an architectural riverboat tour maybe Friday or Saturday, probably also on my own, if anyone is interested in joining for that.
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