Hello Seattle!
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Sat September 2 at 8:00 PM, The Stumbling Monk
1635 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hello Seattle! This is my first visit but I don't really know the area at all. I will be in town Aug 30th-Sept 4th and I'd love to meet some other MeFis, maybe whilst drinking some good beers or eating some good (vegetarian friendly) food in the process. Edit: after some discussion I had chosen Highline, but they added a show to their calendar on Sat 9/2 so that option is out. Let's meet up instead at The Stumbling Monk for some board games and beers at 8pm. I am also going to check out Plum Vegan Bistro before for dinner then walk over if anyone would like to join! (1429 12th Ave at 6:30ish).
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Welcome! I can definitely provide recommendations (there's *so much beer* and vegetarian-friendly food around here), though sadly I'll be out of town myself for that timespan.
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I would be up for this! I'm a long-time [mostly] lurker and IRL neophyte and a vegan. We have lots of amazing veg*n food. It looks like you're also wanting to hike, butI would not be the person for that.
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I might have folks in town but if something emerges at a time when I can drop in then I will.
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I am up for vegetarian food and beer in Seattle Aug 30 - Sep 2 (I'm out of town Sep 3-4). We have an overwhelming array of options! What part of town are you staying in?

Also, a notable event during your visit, worthwhile for movie enthusiasts: 70mm movie festival at Cinerama.
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We are spoiled for choice on both fronts! Do specify a quadrant of town, or a continent for favorite cuisine, so the suggesstions get manageable.
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I'm staying near Seattle Central College and Seattle University. I think this area is called Pike/Pine? Correct me if I'm wrong!
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Sounds like you're in Capitol Hill - that should be a very good area for the kind of thing you are looking for.
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Yes, and pretty good for transit to anywhere else, too! Streetcar to the International District, zillions of buses or a pleasant walk downtown.

Do you feel like not-famous-yet slightly hipster places (maybe Plum, Seattlites?) or the Seattle Things that are Cliche but Cool, for instance the Pike Place Market?

Getting a good sandwich, getting on the ferry, and just going out and back breathing the air and looking at the mountains and boats is delightful and calm but not drop-in-friendly for meetups.
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These days seem to work for me and it's been ages since I've really gone out in Capitol Hill now that I'm an old. So I'm interested but bad on suggestions south of the ship canal.

Beer is mentioned and to my knowledge we've never done a meet up and Chuck's Hop Shop. We could also do a bring-your-own in Volunteer Park? I can show you where Macklemore lives...
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Also, you need to be more specific about hiking which is taken Very Seriously here. Do you mean drive 30 minutes and walk around for an hour or two or do you mean let's climb Mt. Adams? Both of these are doable in the time frame you mention. For easy, leisurely walking around I'd suggest Twin Falls up near Snoqualmie Pass or Discovery Park down to the beach. If you want to be more adventurous, then Spray Park on Mt Rainier (one of the most epic day hikes from a major city anywhere in the US) or Blanca Lake, a short drive up I90 from Seattle to the trail head and 2-4 hours of vigorous hiking to an amazing glacial lake.

Rampart lakes and Rachel lakes are sort of a compromise -- relatively easy access, relatively difficult but short hiking to Alpine meadows.
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Great beer bars in Capitol Hill and Pioneer Square: Rhein Haus, Pine Box, Stumbling Monk, Collins Pub, Flatstick Pub. All of them have rotating taps. Stumbling Monk is a little cozier, with around 6 taps; the others have around 20.

If you're looking to meet up on multiple nights, I'd recommend setting up an event for each one.
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Lats meetup at Pinebox went pretty well I thought. Bit small and loud, but that's unfortunately common. IIRC the food is very meat heavy though.
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So I think a meetup at a bar somewhere nearish to Capitol Hill might be easiest. I've checked out some of the bars that Errant mentioned and I'm liking the suggestions of Stumbling Monk (belgian beers and board games!) or Flatstick Pub (tons of games!!) Pine box looks good too.

Does Friday or Saturday work for most people? Early eveningish?

I'm also looking at booking an orca watch tour at the San Juan Islands on Sunday, very excited about that.

Slarty Bartfast - I am definitely leaning more towards the more adventurous kind of hikes, I'll check out both Spray Park and Blanca Lake!
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Also sadface about Blanca Lake: "3/23/2016 Trail inaccessible: Road washout has rendered this trail inaccessible indefinitely" as reported on this site.
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Highline is a vegan pub on Capital Hill, with quite good food.
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YES! Highline is a clear winner.
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Highline often has live rock shows on Friday and Saturday, which may be an impediment to conversation.
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Good point Errant! Looking at the show calendar on the website I see that there are shows Thursday and Friday but not Saturday. So how does a Saturday evening (9/2) meetup at Highline sound to everyone?
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Hiii this is coming up quick! I updated the details on the event and confirmed the location. Very excited to come on out and explore :)
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Just my luck that I'm out of town for a non-trivial Seattle meetup. I'll have to get busy on that astral projection app I've been working on - if you have an inexplicable urge to order one more beer than is justified by the number of attendees, you'll know I succeeded.
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Hi I'm here! Been wandering around exploring this wonderful city. I rented a bike and rode the Burke Gilman trail (so many other cyclists!!!), I went hiking on the Spray Park trail, and last night I walked through (and quickly out of) the craziness of Pike St bars. Good stuff, lots more to explore over the next few days.
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caracoles is my coworker and mefi lurker who fiiiiinally signed up for an account, so all you maybes should come so that you can meet him :)
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Sad day. I got a bit of a sunburn yesterday so I planned on staying out of the sun by going to the Seattle Art Museum. A friend told me to get there early as a line forms, but I didn't get there early enough and didn't get tickets :( I got there an hour before open and the line crew informed me that the best time to come was at least 2 hours earlier at 7am. What!?! Anyway, kinda bummed that my morning was wasted but looking forward to tonight! If anyone is joining for dinner let me know, otherwise I will see you all at the Stumbling Monk.

BTW - I have red hair and lots of freckles, that's probably the easiest way to spot me.
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AUUUGH! Dangit! I have a deadline for something potentially life-changing on Monday, and so I'm stuck in the house working all weekend. I wish I could come out and drink with you guys. The Stumbling Monk is one of my favorites!
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Sadly I am on the Olympic peninsula - which I can thoroughly recommend checking out on any return visit - so it will have to be next time!
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sorry there's an olive st right near olive way. got confused, be there soon!
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Ok, we are here in a booth!
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Hey all, thanks for coming out! It was good to meet you Kate and Alex! Lemme know if you ever end up on the east coast near NYC.
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