Worldcon Meetup?
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Worldcon is in Helsinki this year ( and I'm bringing resident 11 year old. Dates are 9-13 August though I think we are arriving on the 8th. Anyone else planning to be there? I've been to 2 Worldcons before and generally the problem I've found is I have no problem talking to new people but meeting up with people I already know can be difficult if we haven't made concrete plans as Worldcon is just so big. While I am all about the sitting and drinking, that probably won't be very 11 yo friendly so I am open to other suggestions - maybe a picnic or walk near the convention centre? Or an evening meal?
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Welp, I'm a local and as far as I know I will be still in Helsinki. So happy to offer input, advice, recommendations, and general all around local Mefiteness
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I'm gonna be at WorldCon too, and would be down for a meetup.
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Another Helsinki Mefite here – I'll be around, though probably not attending the con itself (small kids etc.), but would love to sit down for a chat and/or a drink and/or anything else.
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I will be there too for WorldCon. A meetup would be fabulous! I'm currently living in Iceland, but I've been living in Helsinki long enough to be able to take people around and find nice places.
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Sorry for not following up earlier - should I turn this into an actual event? What day - Is Thursday too early or a good idea to give people a chance to say hi before Con overwhelm hits?
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That sounds good to me, but I'll be on holiday so my schedule is very open.
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I'm open with either.

Katullus, if you're not back yet, can you please pick up two boxes of Icelandic salt for me? The blue one with the mermaid on it?
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When is good on Thursday for people?
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I honestly haven't begun to think about my schedule yet, so I'm baaasically open to whatever's convenient for other folks?
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I'm free after 1600 on the 9th. Also tomorrow and Friday, both are flexible after lunchtime.
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thursday would need to be on a definite time, and probably in the evening.
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Hi! Uh, daisyk and I are also in Helsinki, and didn't see this meetup because it was under June 12! So we ended up creating a meetup for Thursday evening near Worldcon - which we can't now delete / merge with this one.

If that date, time and location suits, do join up with it, but we're not wedded to those details. We definitely want to meet up in whatever fashion ends up working!
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Zarkonnen's proposed meetup sounds good to me.
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