Live Goats!
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Wed April 5 at 6:00 PM, Original Billy Goat Tavern
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Join us after work for tiny beers and cheeseburgers and delightful company at the Original Billy Goat Tavern under Michigan Avenue. You won't be sorry. Special half-tine stop at Cheesie's Pub for hard root beer floats! You *really* won't be sorry.
Many of us will continue on the Live Wire Lounge (3394 N Milwaukee) for rock star karaoke. Others will go home. Either way, don't be sorry. Be there!
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I'm only a maybe--we have (another) college friend in town and dinner plans. Then I have a fundraiser on Thursday. BUT if anyone's interested in post-fundraisering with me Thursday, I may be up for it.
posted by crush at 6:06 PM on March 27, 2017

I saw something on the Facebooks that karaoke at Live Wire won't be starting until 11 this month, just FYI y'all.
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Sounds like that leaves extra time for a side trip to Cheesie's.
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Stoked to see everyone <3
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I now have a meeting scheduled through 6:30 on Wednesday, so I'll be so excited to see you all (if a little later than usual)
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I have improv class at ComedySportz from 7-10 so best case I'll see you at Cheesie's at 10, otherwise I'll catch the Belmont bus out to Livewire.
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Who can I trust to ferry two boxes of cookies to Zaximus or is this like the rabbit cabbage and fox problem?
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if no one with a better track record for responsibility has taken them and i manage to get down to the goat in time (i'm optimistic! new work is RIGHT BY a train station!) then phunniemee im yr huckleberry.
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My 6:30 meeting is now scheduled until 8:00, so I guess I'll see some of you somewhere at sometime tongiht if I have not had all the life sucked from me by then.
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that is garbage, Mike.
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SO much garbage.
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Today This week has been absolute bullshit so right now I'm thinking I'll probably go right home after work.
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I'm stuck at my parents doing-- SURPRISE-- computer upgrades, so I'm not sure what my timeline is. Definitely Cheesie's, but Goat might be tricky.
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We are leaving the Goat for Cheesie's (Belmont location) momentarily.
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I'm still out in bumblefuck so hopefully I'll see y'all at LiveWire. Have a delicious float for me.
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Denail had never had a rootbeer float before!
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They are delicious here
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Just booked a caboose to sleep in over labor day weekend. There's still another one available.
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