London Monthly Meetup FOUR!
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Tue April 4 at 6:30 PM, The Banker
The Banker, 2 Cousin Ln, London EC4R 3TE, UK (Map & Directions)
Last month was a bit tricky, but we did it! Let's do it again!
The thrilling continuation of the Regular London Meetup will be:
  • Tuesday, April 4th!
  • The Banker, Near Canon Street (I actually booked it!)
  • Post work. (so 1830ish) onwards.
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Do you mean Tuesday, April 4th?
posted by Bloxworth Snout at 2:22 PM on March 19, 2017

I do. Sorry. I fixed that.

I forged the words for the foregone meetup before instead of for meetup four on the fourth of the fourth.
But now forsooth, I forsake my former formulation and formally request your forgiveness and forbearance that we now forge forward toward a foray of forumites.
(may the fours be with you)
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At least we can personally punch him in the face for that, in a couple weeks.
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"Don't do a hit!"
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Alas, a conflict just cropped up! I'll have to catch you in May!
posted by rum-soaked space hobo at 3:00 PM on March 31, 2017

There is a reservation for us under the company name Metafilter.
Alternatively, the booking is under the comedy made up name of "David Rickmann". So try that.

Anyone who comes can have a free shiny new Doctor Who Quiz book.*

*Subject to availability. We reserve the right to substitute a book about Sherlock or possibly Dr Who monsters. For reasons.
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Oh also, if you go to their website and agree to have them spam you, they'll give you a free drink.
I don't know if I'd recommend that though.
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Enjoy, everyone! I'm afraid I'm a no once again. Having to drop pretty much all my commitments this week, unfortunately.
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Me and Chrismear are coming!
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We're in the long narrow area to the side, facing the Thames.
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Great to see you tonight:)
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It was good to see you all.

I left a note on my todo list telling me to provide these links:

So firstly, the prosopagnosia research group
If you have (or think you might have) some kind of brain problem with faces go there, do the online tests or talk to
them. Every couple of months I go there and do experiments (usually looking at a bunch of faces somehow obscured or generated or upside down or something) and then they give me some cash and some interesting info on why my brain is weird. (And also a good excuse for not recognising anyway again. Sorry for not recognising anyone.)

And secondly my favourite ironmongers.

And if you didn't come, see what you missed out on?
Ironmongers, River Pollution, Mongers in general, Neurological excuses for rudeness.
Glittering prizes, scintillating conversations and all round fabulous people.
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Great to see everyone and meet new mefites!
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