Q2 GameHaus meetup
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Sat April 22 at 2:00 PM, GameHaus
1800 S Brand Blvd, Glendale, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Time for another GameHaus meetup! No tabletop gaming experience necessary! GameHaus is a laughter-filled place in Glendale that has over 1000 games, from strategic board games to party games like Pictionary. We usually get a mix of experienced players to help guide us and people like me, who have never played most of the games, and everyone is really patient. It's always a great time.
UPDATE: zengargoyle has generously offered to put the RSVP on their card for us. Thank you!

I set the time at 2pm but there was a request for an earlier start. I'm good for 11am on.

There is a flat cover charge which gives you unlimited time to play unlimited games. Once we pick a date we will definitely need to make a reservation a week or so out. Cover charge for an RSVP is a non-refundable $10.

I am happy to coordinate this but I will be unable to cover the up-front cost of making the RSVP this time, so hopefully someone will be able to float the $ until the meetup. (Last meetup I think it was $90.)

We usually spend about four hours there, so like last time I've set up a poll for four or five weekends with a choice of afternoon hours or evening hours. (We can narrow down exact times once we pick a date.)

There is no alcohol and no outside food permitted, but they have a small cafe with prepared food and desserts.
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The second weekend of the month is bad for me.

Would anyone else be interested in meeting at 11, when it first opens, or noon, on a Saturday? I have tinnitus, and the noise level in the late afternoon and evening is hard on my poor ringing ears.😕
posted by LeftMyHeartInSanFrancisco at 7:09 PM on March 17, 2017

As a morning person, I'd be up for 11 or 12.
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I am open to an earlier start as well.
posted by Goblin Barbarian at 8:20 AM on March 19, 2017

Also open to earlier but depends on the day. Thanks for organizing, Room!
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Room 641-A, is it possible to modify your poll to include 11a.m. - 3 p.m. as an option?
posted by LeftMyHeartInSanFrancisco at 4:49 AM on March 21, 2017

Yeah, sorry, I lost most of a week due to illness. Good idea. I'll update the poll and post the popular votes. After coffee and breakfast :)
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The poll is updated! If you responded already please update your vote if you want an early start.
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I'm in pretty much whenever it lands. (yes, my life is that rich and exciting.)
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Yay, I wanted to make the last one but couldn't make it. Hopefully this time. I'm in Glendale so it would be a total shame to miss it again.
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Update: the most popular 11am slots are Saturday, April 22 and Sunday, April 30 (3 RSVPs each) and the most popular overall is Saturday, April 22 at 2pm (4 RSVPs.)

Should I go ahead and confirm this for 4/22 and figure out details there, or do people want more time to pick a date?
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I will cover the RSVP so we're all set there. Come one, come all.
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April 22 works for spammusubi and me. Thanks!
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I am finally feeling better, sorry for leaving this hanging. I'm going to confirm this for 4/22 during the day, and we can figure out how early people want to start.
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I can make it if it's at 2, but I might be a little late.
posted by betweenthebars at 9:48 PM on April 3, 2017

Let's keep it at 2 so betweenthebars can make it.
posted by LeftMyHeartInSanFrancisco at 11:25 AM on April 10, 2017

We should make the reservation in the next day or two, so if people can confirm their RSVP that would be great, thanks.
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And done. We have a reservation under 'Metafilter' for 7 people on Saturday the 22nd at 2pm. The Attending list at the time of reservation:

Attending (7)
Goblin Barbarian
Room 641-A
Atrahasis (+1)

They said the table would be setup beforehand if anybody shows up a bit early.
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Looking forward to it!
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I'm going to the Science March, wearing a beautiful pussy hat made by @quietgal (to whom I owe a very big THANK YOU), so I'm​ a bit iffy for the Meet-up. It depends on how the march goes, and whether I stay for all the speeches.
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Thank you! Since I have to go through dtla anyway I will probably get an early start and wander around the March for a bit.
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hi folks!
I'm not going to make it today. Please memail me or get my contact info from Room 641-A, so i can PayPal my cover to you, okay?
Have a blast!
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I'll take care of it today, ApathyGirl, and we can settle next time I see you. Sorry you can't make it.
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ETA 2:20
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