Another First Wednesday at the Goat
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Wed February 1 at 6:00 PM, Original Billy Goat Tavern
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
First Wednesday is on that trickiest of calendar days this February - the first day of the month! Please join us at the Original Billy Goat Tavern, followed by karaoke later in the evening. Newcomers are always very welcome.
There had been concern that we might not be able to go to the Goat this month, but right now it sounds like we should be able to go there as usual.

If you're joining us for the first time, the Goat is under, not on, Michigan Avenue and is easiest to get to from Hubbard Street, or by taking stairs down from Michigan. You can find us at a large table to your left as you enter the restaurant. Several of us have our pictures or phone numbers in our profiles if you'd like extra assurance that you've found the right people.
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Is MaryMacKaraoke back by Wednesday? If not, where will we go? Original Mothers? Trader Todd's? is someone at Holiday on Wednesdays?
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It is! I've confirmed that LiveWire is a go.
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If anybody's downtown and looking for a 4:30 - 6 pre-Goat activity, I'm gonna be here after work: Day 5 of the Resistance:Protest & Press Conference at DHS office
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I feel like chanting JOIN US JOIN US JOIN US but I'm a little punchy, so y'all should prolly just ignore me.
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Can't pull the vocal out of the track I was hoping to karaoke tonight. Everything is terrible.
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Hey I'm here if anyone infrequent on the maybe list wanders in and doesn't know where to go.
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im spectating at broomball and then bringing D with me to LiveWire so yay!
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We are on the way via the most circuitous route imaginable.
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Why has it been over a year? Note to self-- I love hanging out with this cabal.
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