Sonoma County Post-Election Organizing?
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Sun February 12 at 1:30 PM, Aqus Cafe
189 H St, Petaluma, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
Looks like there are a few of us in the North Bay who might want to get together for commiseration and action (along the lines of 10 Actions/100 Days, but I'm open to other suggestions!). Thoughts on places, days, and times? Edit: Let's try for 1:30pm at Aqus on Sunday, Feb 12.
I'm thinking meeting up for coffee or drinks while writing postcards and/or emailing and/or calling elected officials. Petaluma or Sonoma would be easiest for me, as would a Saturday, but I'm not sure where everyone else is, so feel free to suggest something different!
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I'm in Santa Rosa, but willing to go to other parts of the county. Let's get it going!
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My schedule's packed because i dove head first into socialist organizing and that involves travel to SF/Sac/Oakland but I should always make time for local stuff. :)
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I'm in Petaluma, and my next few weeks are packed, but I'm an accidental co-founder of Petaluma Urban Chat, which is a group of people getting together to talk about local planning and development issues (and we're probably going to end up folding some of our stuff into the Urban Community Partnership).

And I assume you're familiar with the various "what can we do to organize?" events that are happening at Aqus?
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And I assume you're familiar with the various "what can we do to organize?" events that are happening at Aqus?

I am not, and would love to learn! I am also committed to not re-inventing the wheel and to working with existing agencies doing awesome stuff, so please please please feel free to share!
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Tomorrow at Aqus Cafe in Petaluma there'll be a bunch of groups talking about their efforts, next steps, and recruiting:

(Apologies for the lack of linkage, I'm on my phone)
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I'm in northern Marin, but Petaluma's an easy drive away. Santa Rosa slightly less so, but possible.
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I will keep Aqus in mind, but I'll have to miss it tomorrow -- I'm actually going to a Sonoma activism meeting (I live in Sonoma, so have been trying to find more-local-to-me groups).

Would meeting up early afternoon (2pm?) on Sunday, February 5, in Petaluma work for people? I'm almost hesitant to suggest any actual action now, given that who knows what might happen over the course of the week, but I'm guessing the Women's March people will have a second action, and I'm getting several of the weekly anti-Trump action alerts with various calls to action, and I suspect there will be many things to do.

If that doesn't work, maybe the following weekend? I could do later afternoon on Saturday or early morning or early afternoon on Sunday.
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I'm not sure about this weekend yet, because the two weekends after that are packed and I have a shload of stuff to do between now and then. So don't count on me, but keep me posted.
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I'm in "Marathon, not Sprint" mode. I think it'd be nice if a handful of us wanted to start meeting up once a month or so for mutual encouragement and idea-sharing. If everyone's booked up the next few weeks, we can extend out the initial meeting. But other people let me know if you're free the next few weekends!
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So, tell you what. I'm going to be at the Aqus Cafe on Sunday, February 12, at 1:30pm. I will stay till at least 2:30pm. If there are people who want to drop by and talk about next steps for our own activism, wonderful! If not, I will happily play on my computer for a bit and come up with next steps for myself. :)
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Can't click the attending button on iPad but my husband and I will be there. One item we are working on is environmental protection. My husband is a retired air quality meteorologist and he and several colleagues are looking at ways to support young climate scientists and "reach across the aisle" to climate change deniers. Would love to have some input regarding that.
Looking forward and we'll see you at Aqus
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I cannot promise input but I will promise support and research abilities! I'll also ask a friend in science education if he has ideas, but he has a toddler so he may not get back to me before the meet-up.
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I'll be there. Look for the fat Socialist white lady. :)
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I'll put a MetaFilter sign on a table.
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I mean, on the table where I am. Not just some random table.
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I live not very close to Petaluma, but I am in the CA 5th Congressional District. I want to mention that Congressman Thompson is supposed to be in the District, in Vallejo on Friday Feb 10th, doing a townhall at the Vallejo Sr. Center about healthcare. (I think at 3pm, but I maybe at 2pm.) (I saw this on Facebook, but you could also check with the district office. I'm finding it hard to find town hall info on his official website.)

If he's making one appearance locally, he might be making more.

Oh, and if you end up mailing out local-ish action reminders, please add me to your distribution list.
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Thank you, good to know! His website doesn't list any townhalls until the end of April, which seems not-so-helpful.
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Looks like the Rep. Thompson event is at 2 on Friday.
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Looking forward to seeing y'all on Sunday. Thinking that we can use the Huddle idea as a guide to talk, but more as a starting point than a required agenda. The Indivisible Guide might also be helpful. I'd love to talk about what the Resistance looks like in a blue state -- but again, I'm open to whatever comes up. I think it'll also be nice to share resources and ideas for action or causes.
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hint: resistance looks like primarying Feinstein :)
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Loved meeting up with subbes and cybercoitus interruptus today! We decided to meet again in a month to follow up, and I think the overall idea was that we could be activism-accountability and -information help. (Not trying to limit it, that just seemed like the overall vibe.) I'll post a new IRL in the next couple of days. Would love for more people to join as they are willing and able.
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