Risk Getting Frisky with Brisket and Whisky!
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Sat January 28 at 4:00 PM, cortex & Secretariat's house
6005 N Lovely St, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
It's been three years since our last whisky and potluck meetup, so let's do it again, on Saturday, January 28th! cortex and I will provide the venue, Greg_Ace will provide the brisket, and you provide the companionship, and perhaps some whisky and/or a shared dish!
Three years ago we had a whisky meetup. And three years before that!

If you are interested in whisky tasting, bring a bottle of something you either like, or haven't tried but are curious about; we take little tastes of each, we compare and contrast and discuss. If you aren't into whisky, that's cool too, come hang out and eat some of Greg_Ace's amazing smoked brisket! We'll probably have some beer and soda around, or you can bring some. If you aren't into brisket, no problem, it's a potluck, people will be bringing non-brisket food too. If you aren't hungry, that's fine, come hang out anyway. If you aren't into hanging out... I don't know if you're going to like this. You can sit outside in the back yard all alone, I guess?

Obviously, good liquor can be pricy, so if you can't afford an expensive (or even mid-priced) bottle that doesn't mean you aren't welcome! In summary: Booze is appreciated, and bringing a bit of food is encouraged, but come one come all. This is informal!
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Guess I'd better put myself down as definitely attending, or y'all might get a tad hangry when I fail to show up with brisket...
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so sorry - IF I failed to show up! Which I vow will not happen!
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[I haven't been to a meetup in years, but I've been wanting to, and this sounds particularly relevant to my interests, so if it's okay with you guys I'll try to make it.]
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Absolutely, come on down!
posted by cortex at 6:42 AM on January 6, 2017

Sorry we can't come. :(
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YOUR EXCITING NEW BUSINESS VENTURE IS TEARING US APAAAAAART and also you and Nick really need to call a meetup at the shop some time soon.
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I think I will bring bread-ish items (e.g., tortillas and probably some actual bread). Brisket tacos are YUM. Brisket on fresh ciabatta? Also YUM.
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Ooh. This sounds delicious. I'll endeavor to make it!
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Brisket fixings! A good idea. Brisket biscuits would also be acceptable.
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I have not seen you people in a long fucking time. I will attempt to rectify that.
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yes i said "you people" deal with it
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You should definitely come be we people, dersins.
posted by cortex at 1:32 PM on January 6, 2017

I have disposable plates and forks I can donate to the cause.
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Due to being summarily engaged in implementing protracted and nigh-magical transformations of bovine flesh into ambrosia via the gradual combustion of aromatic embers, yours truly will be unable to assemble the customary accompaniment of blue cheese slaw. Therefore as a warm and altruistic courtesy to my esteemed co-gastronomistes - in the unlikely event that one is bereft of notions for a side dish to prepare as a serendipitous complement to said barbecued viands - I tentatively submit a curated selection of recommendations from the following websites:

- Huffington Post

- Real Simple

Naturally, these are tendered merely as suggestions to any who may be otherwise undecided, and are in no way intended to propose limitations or restrictions of one's freely-proffered and happily welcomed culinary inspirations or specialities.
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Forgive me, father, for I have dersins-ed. It's been nearly two years since I've made it to a meetup. These are my dersins: I've engaged in chatfilter on two occasions, I once abused the anonymous function to get around the askme question limit, and I've taken mods' names in vain ten times.
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Also, leftover disposable plates and forks would be welcome, vespabelle. I usually run a little short of non-disposable, it would be good to have them around.
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How is it we manage to do this every 2-2/3 years, like almost clockwork?
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A request to the current "Maybe" folks who will want brisket:

The meat will need to be bought and prepped by Jan. 25th to allow for marinating and smoking times. So to help me plan how much to get, if at all possible please make a decision and set your Attendance to "Yes" before next Friday, Jan. 20.

Go ahead and say "Yes" even if you're only kinda sorta sure you'll make it - I'd rather plan for a few extra people and end up with a reasonable amount of leftovers to take home and enjoy. Not Enough Smoked Meats is a truly lamentable state of affairs. On the other hand, If I assumed all the Maybes were coming and then they didn't, (a) it would cost a fortune and (b) I'd probably get a heart attack from eating massive amounts of leftovers (I mean hey, it's not like I'd have any self-will to resist that much smoked meat lying around)! Which would also be lamentable, to me at the very least.
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Strudel and I will be attending. We're not that knowledgeable about whisky but we'll pick up something that we can all taste. Is there any food in particular we should bring/make as a side dish? My default is usually to make something yummy out of potatoes or some kind of winter vegetable dish.
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Oh whoops, just saw Greg_Ace had some suggestions above. We'll probably aim for the potato salad and maybe mac and cheese if we get carried away.
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Yep, those articles are a decent starting point. But in general any side or dessert with its own robust flavor, i.e. any dish that isn't too subtle and delicate-tasting, stands up fine with BBQ and whisky - except that, if I recall from previous research, strong garlic flavor supposedly doesn't go well with whisky (which doesn't mean anything with garlic in it, just anything with garlic as its main flavor).
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Yeah, you can bring whatever you want! If the delicious links above inspire you, sure. Or make your favorite easy potluck food, or just pick up something from the deli case at the store, or a bag of chips from the 7-eleven around the corner- nobody will laugh you out of the place. I'm not all that knowledgeable about whisky either. It does seem like something with extreme garlic flavor could mess with the taste buds too much to allow much serious tasting, though.
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I can contribute my usual BBQ side of fennel apple slaw. I also have a bottle of whisky I was given by a colleague that is probably tasty. No idea what the name of it is. I think it has a picture of an animal on it. A dog? Turkey? Buffalo?
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Whisky Surprise
posted by cortex at 9:23 AM on January 19, 2017

A dog from Turkey, currently living in Buffalo?
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A turdogalo?
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MeatSitRep: Brisket acquired.

I guess I should also add that if someone gets a wild hair and wants to contribute their own meat to be smoked, MeMail me and we can work it out.
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Hey guys- Strudel and I won't be coming now. Sorry for the late cancellation but I'm pretty sick and we don't want to expose you guys to whatever stupid infection I have. I hope you all have a great time. See you at the next meetup hopefully.
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Aw heck, we'll miss seeing you guys. Feel better!
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Yeah, I think there's been a thing going around- I'm recovering from a cold (I promise I'll still wash my hands a lot and not cough on any food!). So I'm looking forward to some body and soul-healing brisket and whisky! Today I'm washing up all the tiny glassware I have, for tasting.

Also, if a couple people would like to bring a folding chair or two, that could be helpful. In case it turns out that everyone wants to sit down at once.
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If you guys need more small glasses, I'll be glad to bring some. I've got all mine (the ones we used at the last whiskey meetup at my old house) still sitting packed away but easily accessible.
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I have So. Many. Tiny. Glasses. I don't even know why.
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Maybe your cats are buying them on the sly and holding their own whisky (whiskery?) parties after you're asleep.
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Hi folks, I just want everyone to know how I'm MIGHTILY SUFFERING for your benefit. The entire apartment smells AMAZING right now and it's all I can do to not just tear into that hunk of succulent smoky meat with my bare hands and teeth right now and the hell with y'all!!

I may have to either shove cotton balls up my nose and breathe through my mouth, or tie myself to my armchair, just to resist the brisket's enchanting siren call. Now I know how Ulysses felt.
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I mean, y'know, not to brag or anything...
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I was really looking forward to this, but it seems I have bronchitis and won't be going anywhere for a while. See you all next time!
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Heck! Feel better, man.
posted by cortex at 12:07 PM on January 28, 2017

Hey, I'll be there.
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Hey, hooray!
posted by Secretariat at 2:36 PM on January 28, 2017

Super looking forward to seeing y'all!
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I'm heading over soon and will be bringing some peaty, peaty scotch. And maybe also some cider. Happy to pick up whatever kind of food might be lacking, if anybody had suggestions, or I'll just get whatever looks tasty from the prepared stuff at Whole Foods. It will probably be vegetable-based unless somebody says otherwise.
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Oh, and I can also bring some additional disposable plates, cups, and silverware. They've been sitting in my kitchen for three years now.
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I may be 20-30 minutes late; giving the meat one last warm-up is taking a little longer than I expected.
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I have tortillas, cotija, chopped onion, and cilantro for brisket tacos. I will mosey over in a few.
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Oh, and I'm bringing a couple of folding chairs.
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Well, I'd really hoped to attend this, but instead I've spent all day failing to get Apple to restore data (music playlists, but still) that my phone spontaneously deleted for no apparent reason, and feeling sad about both my country and the fact that I was fucking around with my phone instead of trying to do more about my country. I hope to make one of the boardgame nights coming up. Hope y'all are having fun.
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Aw, sorry man. Hugs.
posted by cortex at 5:26 PM on January 28, 2017

Thanks everybody for coming out; that was a really nice time.
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Thanks for hosting! I had a great time, and I enjoyed the opportunity to make brisket.
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That was such a great break from the ongoing marathon of ARRRGHHHHH that life has become--I'm just sorry I had to scoot out so early. Thanks to cortex and Secretariat for hosting, and extra-special thanks to Greg_Ace for the Brisket of Celestial Deliciousness!
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Also, bleary day after inventory notes:

1. Thanks to whoever brought the scones! I missed their appearance so I don't even know who I'm thanking but thanks!

2. There's a couple bottles of scotch unaccounted for; I will not be bothered if they were left behind on purpose, but scotch isn't the cheapest and so if you accidentally forgot your Laphroig 10 or your Aberlour 12, just lemme know and we'll make sure it gets home to you somehow.

Thanks again, y'all.
posted by cortex at 3:50 PM on January 29, 2017

If nobody claims them, I volunteer to come by and help you "dispose" of them properly!

On another note - The leftover brisket I brought home last night was just enough to make a sandwich for lunch today, so I'm happy all over again.
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Thanks for hosting, Cortex and Secretariat! And thanks for Brisket, Greg_Ace! sooooo yummy.

and FUNemployment was hilarious. So much cracking up.
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Yep, this was swell. Thanks for all the hosting (and brisket magic) efforts. I'm now on a recruiting trip and hoping fervently that no one proposes to wear my skin at any time in the next few days.
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So lovely to spend some time with you all! Hope we can do it again soon
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