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Wed January 4 at 6:00 PM, Original Billy Goat Tavern
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
First Wednesday of the month, first Wednesday of the new year! Bring your resolutions and drown them in a tiny beer (in a weird new glass) at the Original Billy Goat Tavern. Then adjourn to the Livewire Lounge (3394 N Milwaukee Ave) for karaoke of the finest sort.
Nothing to see here, folks.
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I'm just gonna say that people who have to go home to check out dogs or children after work should meet us at Live Wire because it's neat and so are we.
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Sidebar (literally): maybe it's the DayQuil again, but the "related tags" for GoatUp are really warming my heart today.
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Who has two thumbs and left tiva and qcubed's girl scout candy at home AGAIN? 👍 👍
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Hey, all. I'm still working on a Thing so please ping me or the thread when you head to LiveWire so I know where to meet y'all. Thanks!
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Sam is here so we're bumped to the back behind our normal spot.
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There was a miscommunication in my personal life--so I will be at Livewire around 9:00 but (regrettably) will miss the Goat portion of the evening.
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i'm coming to livewire but not coming to the goat. i got caught up in some supergirl. sorry not sorry!
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(Reminder that next month might be at InField's pending a text from Brisa.)
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On the bus to Livewire
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the pictures from livewire are amazing. the rockstar lighting is great. you are all beautiful people.
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