ALERT (Activist Led Emergency Response Team) L.A.
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Tue January 10 at 6:30 PM, Plummer Park Room 3
7377 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
This will be the first community activism meeting of ALERT L.A. Affinity Group(Facebook group link). Structure isn't created overnight, so we're getting together now, so that when action is needed, we already have people and plans.
Activist-Led Emergency Response Team (ALERT) Los Angeles Affinity group is for healthcare and other social justice actions following the 2016 elections. The national group was initiated by HIV/AIDS and LGBT activists just hours after the election result was announced, as we all asked “so, now what?”. As members of this group, we are participating in building a movement to demand and demonstrate the just, kind, loving, anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-xenophobic world we want to achieve. We recognize that this is not a short-term goal, and we hope that you’ll be in it with us for the long-haul.

Everyone is welcome! We need people who have never been activists before and old steel-toed boot wearing folks. We need graphic designers and lawyers. We need people who can write copy and people who can make calls. We need artists and academics. And you. And your friends.

What we'll be doing:
1) Starting a process with the overall goal of establishing a structure to work together moving forward on policy issues and other topics of interest.
2) Identifying people who want to work on and facilitate groups within the larger group to do research and action, when needed.
3) Identifying resources that are available (what are your skills and what do you want to work on)

What we will not be doing:
1) Relitigating the primaries
2) Name calling and ad hominem attacks
3) Cliquish, unwelcoming, racist, transphobic, homophobic, xenophobic, sexist shit.

Feel free to bring snacks to share.

I'll be posting more info as it comes, but I hope to meet some MeFites IRL.
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I am sans vehicle during weekdays so I'll need to figure out transportation, but I'm interested.
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As WA6DZS (FCC-licensed Amateur Radio Operator) I am a member of ALERT (the Altadena Local Emergency Radio Team), allied with our local Sheriff Station to assist local Neighborhood Watch and MapYourNeighborhood groups in the event of a serious emergency or disaster (there is also the LASD-bound Disaster Communication Service, from which I bowed out when it proved mired in its own bureacracy.)
If Something Really Bad happens, first responders are likely to be up to their eyeballs in work, and knowing our local skills, capabilities, and resources may be crucial to our and our neighbors' survival.
I wish your group all the best in what may be trying times ahead, but remind all of the hazards in overloading names and acronyms. I have not searched on other uses of this particular one, but as a pronounceable word, there may well be more. At least we should not be at odds in mission.
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Hear ya, pbarnrob. It's not my acronym and I doubt it will ever be used officially, but again, I hear you and will bring it up.
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I won't be able to attend this or probably many other physical LA meetups due to geographical and employment constraints, but Sophie1 pointed me to the associated Facebook group. Posting here so others have an easier time tracking it down, hopefully that's ok (am I the only one that finds Facebook's group search function aggravating?)
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Duh, contraption! I should have done that in the main post. Will do right now!
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Is there any chance the minutes/info can be shared after this in some capacity? I can't make a weeknight meeting, but I'm in touch with my local BLM group and I'd like to open up dialogue between them and stuff happening in LA (and maybe bring some ALERT things here?).
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Absolutely, Deoridhe. I'll make sure to do that. Also, join the FB group if you can.
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Hey all - If you come to the meeting tomorrow night, please be sure to introduce yourself to me as a mefite! I'll be leading the meeting, but I'd rather not put my real name on MeFi. I'm very friendly and am not at all intimidating on purpose!
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