Family friendly whisky aficionado meetup! [Update: postponed!]
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I'm both a parent – part time – and a whisky lover. Why not combine these things? I'm willing to offer some good bottles and a kid friendly place. My son is 7, my home is capacious, so let's taste good booze and let kids play! Children are optional. I merely want to establish that they are welcome. If you're child free, but like whiskey, please come. Bring drinks! [Update: Postponed to Feb 4]
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I'll do my best to make it.
posted by Errant at 2:50 AM on November 30, 2016

I'll be out of town then!
posted by quiet coyote at 9:24 AM on November 30, 2016

Bring drinks!

I have one last bottle of Maraskino. It's not whisk(e)y, but...
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I have no children, so I'll try to make up for that by bringing double the whiskey.
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What about snacks? I know nothing about alcohol and would surely fail in bringing an enjoyable bottle. However, I am a competent cook and would love to bring something tasty to absorb the alcohol or cleanse the palate (if that is a thing one needs with whiskey).
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I am into this and seem to be free. I'll bring a bottle and am in favor of food pairings, will put some more thought into what I think would go well.
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Snacks are welcome, of course. I'm not good at food pairings, so don't look to me for advice. Feel free to do so, though!
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I am hoping to be out of town that weekend, but haven't committed to that yet. If I come, I will bring food. Thank you for the invitation!
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Great idea!
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Sounds great, I have some good whisky to bring and it'll be nice to see my Seattle MeFite friends I haven't seen in a while.
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I have to back out of this due to a conflict. It sounds like super fun though. Also, Bevmo has some Whistlepig 12 at the moment and it is very nice indeed.
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Hm. That puts me at a bunch of adults and just one kid, so far, which is probably not going to be fun for my son. I may have to reconsider the plan and reschedule for a purely adult-friendly time.
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My daughter is 13 and likes hanging out with younger kids, would that help? The only reason I've been a maybe is because my husband is the one who really likes whiskey, not me that much, but I'd still love to come and maybe socialize while he drinks? I meant to ask if that was OK but got caught up in life.
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I think that if I get one more confirmed kid in the 7-12 range (ideally who likes Lego and pokemon :) ) then I'll still go for it.
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Okay maybes, here is your time to shine! ;)
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Seriously, maybes. This childless Mefite just found a local source for Stranahan's, and I want an excuse to buy a bottle and drink it with y'all.
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Well, I think I'm going to reschedule. Not cancel, because whiskey is delicious. I'm going to re-set this probably for the first weekend in February. Less kiddish and more "Hey, let's meet somewhere and share bottles!"
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Moved this to Feb 4 instead.
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