Whisk[e]y and spirits ahoy!
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Sat February 4 at 7:00 PM, My House
3901 Fremont Ave N, Seattle, WA, USA (Map & Directions)
Although I never got enough kids to do the earlier kid-friendly meetup, I'd like to do the bottle sharing form instead. So: Come to my house, bring bottles of spirits you like, snacks if you want 'em, and the pleasure of your company.
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Hey, this day works. I'm scheduled to take three 5 year olds for their first ski lesson and I will need a drink after. Nice, I hope lots of folks can make it. (No kids then, eh? I can do kid or kid free, just let me know your age preference so I bring the most appropriate little guy).
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I'll be sans child that weekend, so while you can bring one, they'll be soloing.
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Sweet! This is going to be glorious.
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I still don't know anything about whiskey etc, but I'll bring nibbles!
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Logistics comment:

I have a selection of spirits, although some of them are of the "have one drink early in the evening while the palate is still good" variety rather than the "I'll make tipsy cocktails out of these" one. I have mescal, vodka, bourbon, and whiskey, as well as one decent scotch.

For cocktails I have several bitters, and some sweet & dry vermouth, as well as a bit of St. Germain, some cheap brandy, and a bottle of Zetea (Romanian spirit).

(well, I don't have the whiskeys yet, but that's my shopping list for this week)
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Boo, I can't make it! I have a perfect storm of too much work to do over the weekend and in-laws in town.
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I'll be there with my wife. Unless others are bringing kids, we'll make other plans for our 12-year-old.
Which unit are you in?
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There aren't likely to be other kids, at least unless Slarty brings one of his. I'm in #201 (which is the buzzer number as well)
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If anyone has any detailed direction questions, memail me and I can give you my phone number.
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I'm still in! No kids.

One of my fondest memories of traveling with my wife in India in the villages involves whiskey drinking. We would be invited to some family member's home for dinner. Alcohol is sort of a touchy subject in the rural farming state she's from, at one point the entire state was made dry to combat alcoholism, an effort spearheaded by divorced women who were sick of their drunk husbands. Anyway, few people drink nowadays and when it is done, it is for special occasions and done privately.

What could be a more special than having your American cousins come over to your village home? After eating amazing food, the men would separate from the women, usually around a table in the back of the house or upstairs. Often, no one would speak English, but I would be taken with the men, jokes would be cracked, I'd be set up at a prominent place at the table, my back slapped. Then the man of the house would ceremoniously produce a bottle, often an unopened Johnnie Walker, still in it's fancy box. Small talk and jokes would continue while the bottle would sit unopened in the center of the table for what seemed like an eternity. Eventually, the man of the house would send his son to fetch enough glasses. Then slowly, the whiskey would be poured into each glass, several minutes later, they would finally be passed but no one would drink as the banter continued. Finally, when the man of the house raised his glass and made a statement, we would drink. The younger boys, adolescents and teens would stand behind us at the table, eager to witness the ceremony that they would one day be invited to participate in. It was a slowly savored experience and I think no one drank more than 3 ounces over the course of the evening. Eventually one of the older children would be sent out to get barbecued chicken from a street vendor, the Indian village equivalent of late night Taco Bell.

This ritual was repeated every night we visited a new home and continues every time we go back.

Anyway, I am going to try to bring Indian chicken tonight. It won't be as good as the free range freshly killed richly spiced chicken in the village, but to me it's still the perfect food for whiskey drinking.
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Still in! While sometime I'd love to socialize our 13 year old with kids whose parents I can stand, I think this night upon which whiskey is drunk is not that night, so also sans child.
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AUUGH, omigod, this is tonight. I can't do anything tonight! Or this week! Or until, like, ugh, I don't know when. Fuuuuh, I was so looking forward to this, but two gigantic, time-sensitive projects just fell into my lap and I can't leave the house!


You guys drink lots of whiskey for me, okay? I will be snorting it down with you in spirit.
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(Though do post updates here in the thread if you can. I want to pretend I'm getting to be part of this. Dammit, you folks are exactly the folks I want to complain with about everything that's happening!)
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Hey, you don't have to come for hours nor get sloshed; take a break! Self-care and all that!
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Now there will be too much shortbread and roasted nuts.
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I will volunteer to help eat shortbread and nuts!

Also I will be at least half an hour late because I forgot how far away I live.
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The nice thing about things like this is "when you arrive" really isn't the most critical part :)
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Goddamn you Victoria!!! This is now like 17% less epic. I can probably crank it up another 10% but that's about the best I can do.
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Omg!!! The man of twists and turns is here.
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Quote of the evening:

"That's why I keep a low profile on Metafilter" — corb
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Twists and turns will make up the remainder of the epic-ness shortfall. I know it!
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Thanks to everyone who came. I had a wonderful time, and I foresee future recurrences.
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Always a pleasure, stay safe out there.
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