San Luis Obispo - it's finally happening!
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Sat July 24 at 3:00 PM, Sally Loo's Cafe
1804 Osos St, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA (Map & Directions)
I claim the Iron Fist of Certainty as my last comment went unanswered.
My reasoning stands: 24th was already OK'd by 2 or 3 of us in the thread; 3pm, so anyone from the SB-ish area can get to SLO after a casual noon lunch in SB or there-abouts. And Sally Loo's Cafe has plenty of free parking, and is pretty easy to get there. You can even take the bus or train from points south (or north) and get dropped right at the doorstep of the Meetup.
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NEED RIDE. I'm located just off 101/1 between SLO and Pismo. (Ever seen that "Hillcrest Ranch" sign? Right there.) Coming up the coast? I'M RIGHT ON YOUR WAY. Anyone committing to transporting me either way will be guaranteed a stop at the Costco gas station for fossil fuel on me. MeFiMail me.
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I'd be glad to pick you up. We live in SLO proper, but it's not terribly far to get you, should no one be coming up from the south.
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No confirmation from anybody south of here so far, so it looks likely that filthy light thief will steal me away. But anybody who IS coming up from South of SLO, I'm still officially hitching a ride...

In my recent housecleaning efforts, I uncovered a secret stash of MeFi buttons and "My MetaFilter Name Is..." badges made for the VERY 1ST L.A. meetup in 2004 (which I helped organize). These are collectors items and the only way to get one of each is to show up! (Or give me a ride for two of each.)
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Really hope I can make it up to the meetup, but whether or not my afternoon is free is unfortunately dependent on someone else I had a prior commitment with. If alas I cannot be there, I hope you folks have fun and that the central coast has one more meetup in them before the summer is over.

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It was grand to meet oneswellfoop, Rube R. Nekker, hortense and blink_left. I have some photos to post tomorrow.

And if you missed this meetup, we're going to do it again before the summer is over.
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I hope you got pictures of all my shirts :-) Thanks for everything; for a thief, you're awful generous...

And I still have some MeFi buttons for those who will attend "MeFiSLOMeetII, Hybrid Powered Boogaloo"...
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Cross-posting from the MeTa thread, for redundant posterity:

Pictures, 'cause it did happen.
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