Third Coast Conference!
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Any public radio or podcasting MeFites gonna be in Chicago for the Third Coast Conference from Nov 11-13 at the Hyatt Regency McCormick Place? I'll be in from L.A. representing KCRW. Would be fun to have a lunch / drink / meetup at some point over the weekend, if we aren't already going to be stacked with plans. I haven't even looked at the schedule yet, but just throwing it out there. Would be fun to raise a glass with my fellow producers! (I'm also planning a field trip to the best bookstore in the world.)
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I'll be in Chicago the 12th-16th for a non-profit conference. Not a public radio or a podcasting person but it would be fun to meet up with some Mefites while I'm in town!
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I'm otherwise occupied but I highly recommend the Powell's too. Sadly, O'Gara's has been replaced by a wine store.
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I would join you, but a large literary event that I organize is happening Sunday (today!). But the Seminary Coop manager is speaking at 4, along with Bill Ayers, Sally Timms, and a host of other great people (along with a bunch of local presses exhibiting) and it's free, so stop by if it's of interest. We'll probably be having drinks at Eleven City Diner afterwards (5:30 or so), so any out of towners, join us if you like!
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