Meetup, anyone??
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Thu November 10 at 6:00 PM, Historians Ale House
24 Broadway, Denver, CO, USA (Map & Directions)
Looks like there hasn't been a Denver meetup in a while, and I'm new in town... so let's do this thing! How about we grab a beer? Suggestions welcome.
Hey Mefites, it would be super groovy to meet you. Who wants to hang out at a bar / brewery sometime in November? Let me know your favorite place and we'll take it from there.
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Yes to beers! I'll be selfish and pitch something in my neighborhood: if we're interested in roving about a bit, rather than staying in one place, the South Broadway stretch south of 6th Avenue gives options for a walkable brewery tour: Banded Oak, Baere, and Trve are within a few blocks of each other, and the Historian's is just down the street with a big beer list. Historian's has a good happy hour as well, and could serve as one-stop shopping if people aren't into the roving beer tour thing.
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Yes!!! I'd love to join! No favorite bar but I'm up to heading wherever Uber will take me!
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Trve is all sours but I'm happy to meet at Historian's or anywhere else, after the World Series is over as baseball is now consuming my entire life.

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I'm game for wherever. As a general rule Sundays work best for me. Saturday might work but Friday nights won't at all.
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Right on, been a while since we had a Baker meetup. I'm down.
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Yes, let's do a thing.
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I also moved into the area recently and would love to do a meetup. I'm up in Superior but can come down.
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Trve has lots of sours but they're not all sours. See I show you.
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Wadda ya mean there hasn't been a Denver area meetup in a while?

Yeah, I'm in.
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Let's make this happen. South Broadway is easy for me to bike to, so that works for me.
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Hooray! How about we start at Historian's and go from there? Could do happy hour if we decide on a weekday. Anyone else have preferred days of the week?

There was a Rollins Pass meetup and I missed it?? Bummer!
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I vote against Sunday--regular D&D game, you know--but other than that COUNT ME IN.
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Weeknights (M-Th) are generally better than me for fridays/weekends.
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oh hai! we're deep in bicycle racing mode again (fall is cyclocross season!) but I will try to watch this and see if I can make it. We're leaving town on a road trip and won't be back until 11/7, hope to catch up with you though! I watched President Obama's election night in 2008 in a Baker District bar with Mefites! It was amazing!
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I'd enjoy a trip in to the city and meeting new local mefites! My schedule is relatively flexible at this point, so I'll put myself as a maybe and keep an eye on it.
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Oh, there's an idea... would anyone want to do election night?? Didn't even think of that, but I would be down. Great reason to share a drink!

If we don't like that idea, how about Thursday the 10th?
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I'd prefer the 10th because I'll be doing poll monitoring on Election Day and will probably be exhausted by the end of it.
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I am so in.
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Can't make it as I'll be out of town; have fun all!
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I literally just moved in nearby, count me in :)
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I could do either election night or the 10th. 10th is the eve of Veteran's Day for those of us with red letter holidays off.
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I'm going to be at work but I hope y'all have a great time. Welcome to our beautiful state!
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I should be able to make it! I'm looking forward to it.
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I'm in for sure, see you there at 6 or so.
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Home sick for second day in a row, so I'm out. (Sharing misery might be healthy, but sharing plague not so much.) See y'all next time!
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My head and neck are angry enough to make driving a poor choice. I hope everyone has fun, and I will hope to attend a future event!
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I'm here, unfashionably early!
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Headed over now. Do we have a sign or something?
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No sign. I'm at the bar in a purple hoodie.
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I lied! We moved upstairs to the northeast corner of the patio
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Yay, that was fun. Let's do it again sometime!
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Thanks, that was fun.
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Thanks for a great first meetup ever experience!
posted by umwhat at 9:14 PM on November 10, 2016

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