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Mon March 13 at 7:00 PM, Guildford Arms
1 W Register St, Edinburgh EH2, UK (Map & Directions)
I has been in the Edinburgh for nearly a year, and I would much like to meet muh fellow Mefites. There is much to discuss about the joys and travails of life in North Britain, yet nothing that wouldn't be improved by beer and bonhomie. Here's the plan.
Having recently discovered the Guildford Arms just north of the Balmoral/Waverley Station, I think it should do perfectly. Monday 13th it is, 7pm, and I'll be carrying a Sinclair ZX Spectrum shoulder bag. Secret code words are - You are Devonian, and what are you having?".

Apologies for late confirmation of this. Hope y'all can still make it.
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I'm due time off in March. Never been up to Scotland, but would love to visit. Thanks for the long lead-in time, I'll definitely try to plan ahead so I can make it if at all possible.
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I'm in! Only been in Edinburgh a little over a year myself, so my knowledge of decent pubs is sadly lacking - happy to go with wherever's good.
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Me too! I'm a local and have been thinking about organising a meetup for a while now. February is probably better than March for me as far as weekends go. And Tollcross is pretty handy for me too.
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I'm local, having been here since '01. My pub knowledge is hopelessly out of date and Leith-based but Tollcross sounds good. Impossible to plan that far ahead but will make it if I can.
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I'm in. I'm moving to Edinburgh in December, so this is well timed.

(From some poking around on Google it seems Edinburgh has at least one juggling& kite shop, two boardgame caf├ęs, a good hackspace and, apparently, mefites. I'm feeling increasingly good about this move.)
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I'm in, though I've given up the beer I will definitely come and meet you all with a lime and soda and a burger!
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I've only recently moved to Scotland and would be keen too! I'm in Glasgow though, so any pub within reasonable distance of the station would be good.
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I'm in Glasgow, so something near either Haymarket or Waverley would be good. I am already booked to work a couple of Saturdays in both February and March, so I'm a tentative hell yes.
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Just a straightforward train ride up from York for me, so I could probably make this! The lead time helps.
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OK - I think we're quorate. There's a pub/restaurant very close to the station called the Doric, where I've eaten a few times but never haunted the pub part, so I may poke my nose in.

Is any particular day of the week good or bad for people? I prefer early week nights, because pubs are less packed, but school nights can be hard work for larks and topers.
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Any day is equally good for me. End of March, eh? Isn't something happening round about then?
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With a following wind and cooperative children, I'm in.
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Absolutely Devonian! - its a great idea and count me in. Would be happy to make the trip in from the wilds of South Queensferry.
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I'm in too - I live in the West End, and have done so for a few years. My pub knowledge in that part of town is pretty good (though I'm strictly a whisky drinker). I love Cloisters, and they are planning on putting that incredible chili that won Lupe's cook off this year on the menu, but 'tis a touch far (in Embra terms) from the stations. If people don't mind a bit of a walk, I'm a member of the Scottish Malt Whisky society, so could see about space in the members bar on Queen's St.
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I'm just outside Glasgow but often in Edinburgh for work so I might be up for this too.
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I can do most dates in March (my 40th is in February so may not be free first couple of weekends in Feb). I'd be travelling from Glasgow but not hung up on it being too close to a station-especially if the stroll gets me close to excellent chili referenced above.
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Cloisters is around twenty minutes walk from Waverley with a nice chunk of hill in the middle, so it's a bit of a schlep - also, thinking about it, it is quite small. Which is nice, but I count around sixteen possibles on the thread. Lots of whisky, though, for those who do.

Anyway, venue can be sorted out later. Let's diarise - I'm going to stick a pin in Tuesday March 13. For absolutely no reason except ya gotta start somewhere...
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I'm going to stick a pin in Tuesday March 13

Literally any date after Christmas is equally fine for me, so count me as a "yes" vote to whatever gets suggested.
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I'm definitely interested in this. I work in the centre so an early weekday evening would be practical. Fridays are not so good though. Tuesday 13th of March is probably fine.
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Sounds good. If I am on this tiny rock of Albion at the appointed date, I'll probably do this.
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Hanging Bat, Hanging Bat, Hanging Bat!

Can't make it, but LOVED that beer (and gin!) bar when I was there a few years back. I think it would make an excellent meetup spot.
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If I can hijack the thread briefly - I'm going to be in Edinburgh on the evening of Thursday 3rd November. I don't know anyone in the city so if anyone wants to meet up for a drink or some food that would be great - Memail me.
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Folks, I'm in. Doric is good, as is the Guildford arms - handy for Waverley.
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I cannot make it, alas. Have a pint for me.
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Balls, I can also no longer make it. Have a good one.
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Just out of interest. if you click on the IRL link on the main menu and do the 'search for events near me' for Edinburgh, does this show up? Doesn't for me.
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Hello All - see you there. Guildford is cracking :)
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Not going to be able to make this, but fwiw whenever I've worn a Speccy bag to a meetup its gone well. Thumbs up, have a good one all!

Searching as described doesn't work for me either Devonian.
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I'm in! See you there.
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I'm probably coming along. Devonian or whoever gets there first, let us know where you're sitting!
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Looks like there'll be a lot to talk about!
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Sorry - I'm not going to be able to make it anymore either now which is annoying. Have fun though!
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Dammit, only just saw this and I'm still working. Might be along later.
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Damn, after the insanity that was the yarn festival I can't manage another social thing. I think that was more people than I usually talk to in a year.

Next one, though.
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Ok - at the back of the pub to the right of the bar as you come in, hiding behind a pillar.
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D'oh! I forgot to put this in my calendar and instead was at another meetup across town :-/. Next time. Mad props for organising the event regardless Devonian!
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Thanks to everyone who turned up - a darn fine conversation that ranged across space, time and the joys of living in Scotland. The venue worked well, too; central, convivial and idiosyncratic.

I am minded to call another Edinburgh meet-up in May, both to see if we can get some momentum going and because it's my birthday month. Same place?
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Sorry I missed it and I would love to have a second chance in May. I'd also be happy to help out with any organising required!
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Ditto, sorry to have missed this - workload intervened. Maybe in May?
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