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Thu October 6 at 7:30 PM, The Rising
1172 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey Taters! Since last we spoke, McCabe's on MassBar & Grille had unceremoniously changed their Geeks Who Drink trivia nights, and we were left wandering the streets of Camberville in search of questions to answer.
So. What should we do? In our discussions last time many of us (myself included) voiced frustrations with the newly "revamped" McCabes, especially the underwhelming food and poor service, and increase in noise levels. A good beer list is of limited value when nobody ever comes by to take your order.

Horace Rumpole and I would like to propose two possible options:
Indie Trivia (quality and format unknown) at Aeronaut Brewing in Somerville on Tuesday 10/4.
Geeks Who Drink trivia at The Rising in Cambridge on Thursday 10/6.

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Aeronaut doesn't have food but there might be food trucks? They don't have any info on their website. We could probably organize a picnic or something.

I haven't been to The Rising!
posted by backseatpilot at 10:11 AM on September 28, 2016

I suspect The Rising is what used to be the cricket bar in Inman. Inman certainly has excellent food options.

Aeronaut is far more convenient for me personally, but I don't like their beer. On a related note, I will point out that a company whose beer I like, Slumbrew, has their own Monday night trivia (and food).

Basically, I think I have a preference to The Rising, but I will show up for either.
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Do you know what kind of trivia Slumbrew does? I am just not really a fan of stump-style at all. Tooooo sloooooowwww (and questions are pretty random).
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I'm often busy on Thursday nights, so Tuesday works for me, sometimes Monday does too. But if it's to be Thursday, I hope to join you when I can.

Meanwhile, Jess and I are trying to hold down the relegation zone for Rundle C. I think we've got it all sewn up! And, this could be the second season in a row I'm in a non-forfeiting rundle! WestJ branch FTW
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I will be traveling for work next week, and therefore unable to attend either night, but going forward I would be interested in trying any of the proposed locations.
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Well given that there has been no further discussion, why don't we try The Rising this week. If we don't like it, we can try one of the other options next go round.
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Oooh, turns out The Rising is pretty easy for ignignokt and me to get to via bus. It's busy time at work for me, though, so I can't say yes for sure.
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Also, if I drive I'm happy to transport folks. (Inman is close enough to Somerville that I can usually find parking)
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Sure, I'll try to make it on Thursday. Work has been easier since my boss let me listen to podcasts while I log drivers' sheets.
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Ill be there and can give rides if needed
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Oops, thought this was 8, not 7:30. Just finishing up at work and on my way, but I'll be a few minutes late, it seems.
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The hostess seemed a little concerned when I told her how many we are. Did anyone make a reservation?
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We are seated in a room around to the left of the host station. It's not busy yet but they've got us seated at some rather small tables. I'm hoping we'll have a chance to spread out later.
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How was this? You think it'll be a regular thing?
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I liked the location. They said that trivia wasn't always held in the corner room, but because there was a game on, they moved it out of the main room. If we meet there, it will make sense to call ahead and learn how many people they can accommodate.
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Oh, I should point out that next Thursday, which would be the usual trivia week, is the final presidential debate.
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I think the debate is on Wednesday, so it shouldn't interfere with trivia.
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Yeah, I'm dumb.
posted by maryr at 12:59 PM on October 18, 2016

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