There is no Chicago Cabal of Charity
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We've been there, done that with RMH meals. We might be there, do that again (say in November). But in 2017, lets try some new charitable things we can do as a group. But what should they be?
Ideas so far include

* Food repack at the Chicago Food Depository
* cooking at home and serving a lot of people with the Night Ministry Health Outreach Bus
* cooking at home and serving 25 people with the Night Ministry at The Crib
* The birthday party project has you help with some setup, and be a guest at homeless kids birthday parties.

Anyone else have any ideas where we can volunteer as a small group, with no particular skillset or qualifications?
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One of the employees at the Night Ministry came and talked to my troop last year and I asked for info (for us!) for meal needs they have.

LARGE: Health Outreach Bus
SMALL: The Crib
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I was also going to suggest the Health Outreach Bus.
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this is exciting and I will subscribe to the newsletter.
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those are good suggestions. updated the post.
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Ooh! I have a friend at The Birthday Party Project. The only thing is that the spots fill up super-fast, so we'd have to lock in at least two months in advance.
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I am very interested in any of these options.
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Ok anything else we should add to the list? Last scheduled RMH brunch is coming up in a week or so, So I'm gonna start looking into getting into one/some of the above in 2017.
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An idea for a more freeform idea next year would be organizing the "Trick or Treat for Charity" event to disperse to local charities. It's easy, low commitment, and lots of fun... Just wanted to put it out in the universe so anyone remembers by like... September. :)
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