November RMH Brunch
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Sun November 6 at 8:30 AM, Ronald McDonald House
5444 S Drexel Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
let's cook brunch for the families of sick kids.
this is part 6 of the 6 part series of 2016 brunches. If you've missed the passed ones, you're still welcome to this one.

Main thing to remember that we've learned so far: a) tripling recipes can take surprisingly longer to make them. b) potatoes especially. c) all the knives at RMH are dull.

ask questions if you have them, I probably forgot something!

NEW -- this time I'd like to help a friend out writing a cookbook for her church food for the community meals. So, if you'd like to be in charge of a recipe, ping me, and I'll get the cookbook zipfile to you, and you can choose a recipe from there? Is that cool? I hope that's cool.
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I will happily do a recipe.
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Formally saying I need a ride
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I claim the cheddar cornbread and the green chili cornbread from the cookbook and will do a platter of breakfast meats to go with.
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I would like to see this cookbook, please. I will also provide rides.
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Are Baked Balsamic Pork Chops brunch-y? If so, I'll do that.
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As if that extra hour the night before wasn't one of the things that convinced me I could sign-up.

I also think pork chops are a good idea at any meal, but definitely brunchy enough.
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Also I will bring homemade applesauce in a crockpot and will make apple turnovers on site.


Both of these will be very easy, so if there's something in the cookbook that seems like it will balance the menu out nicely, let me know and I can probably do/help with that.
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this is coming up.

Menu is:
cheddar cornbread
green chili cornbread
cumin black beans
baked baslimic pork chops
homemade applesauce / apple turnovers
fruit salad and yogurt
broccoli picnic salad
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this weekend!
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I am in Chicago very briefly this weekend, and my other obligations prevent me from joining in on this meetup, but I just wanted to let you know that my cousin is planning to take me to the Billy Goat! I got really excited and then had to explain Metafilter, and how I really want to go there because it's the place where a bunch of my internet friends get together.

So, hi Chicagoans! I'm waving at you from near Wrigley Field.
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ocherdraco, if you're at the billy goat, you're probably near the loop? Or one of the expanded goats.
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Wish I'd seen this earlier. You can always say hello to your fellow MetaFilterians by checking out the pictures above the refrigerator in the VIP.
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ALSO: Daylight Savings helped me not at all.
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Hey. MCMikeNamara, please share your apple dumpling magic with us.
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don't forget if you used a cookbook recipe to give feedback here.

Also, someone confirm I'm not crazy, and trying to get to a food repack at 6p on a first wednesday at 4100 West Ann Lurie Place, Chicago, IL 60632 is gonna be too difficult for the group.
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It may be difficult, but I don't know if it's TOO difficult. (But I can get to the Orange Line pretty easily by 5, so I may be an outlier.)

Also Mini Apple Dumpling (WITH SPRITE) Recipe
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I would prefer it not be on a First Wednesday, tbh.
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Sorry for the lack of response y'all! My cousin took me to the original Billy Goat in the Loop right before she drove me to Midway. It was great. I look forward to meeting y'all there sometime.
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