Brighton UK Meetup
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Fri October 7 at 6:00 PM, MeatLiquor
22 York Pl, Brighton BN1, UK (Map & Directions)
Southern-softie Mefites unite! Train strikes permitting! MEATliquor, Brighton, Friday 7th Oct, 6pm.
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I have no idea what a Forge Garage is, nor why I can't cancel/deselect it after a couple of attempts. Feel free to brainstorm anywhere south or southwest of London.
posted by comealongpole at 4:26 PM on September 8, 2016

I'm up for something in Brighton. Pub lunch? Somewhere kid-friendly would be preferable.
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I'd come along to Brighton, I keep looking for a good reason to visit (apart from my friends who I haven't seen since they moved there) if a child friendly venue for pub lunch is available then I will bring along my small child.
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I'm gonna keep a cautious eye on this thread. Meetups are scary (my vote will also be for Brighton, as I'm unlikely to overcome my scaredness for anything further away).
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Sounds like we've probably nailed a city for it. Cool that there's some interest, will keep an eye on the thread and we can think about a specific pub/date later once others have had a chance to chip in too. All thoughts or suggestions welcome, I can't plan social stuff for toffee.
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I'd be up for a Southampton picnic - Brighton a bit far for me. Will watch out for the decision and see whether it's doable for me. Thanks for making the suggestion.
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Another almost-certainly-yes for Brighton here. Perhaps we could book a two hour session halfway up the i360?
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Great suggestion. On the one hand, I've never been to Brighton, on the other hand, it's 3 hours from me, so I'd prefer something further west. Southampton and Portsmouth would be good. And I love the whole of the Dorset coast.

Brighton's possible for me, though. I'm happy to see if I can manage whatever's suggested.
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When, exactly? I will be in Southampton for work Oct 12-15 or so, and I would definitely go if that's where and when.
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Hmm oh, if it is Oct 15, if anyone is going from Southampton and wouldn't mind a tagalong, perhaps that could be an interesting adventure too.
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I was thinking between Oct 2nd-8th personally, but if there's a consensus for elsewhen I'm hardly going to gripe. Suggested the idea but definitely not looking to dictate terms! Facilitating the largest number of people attending makes most sense to me, I'd just like to see some events down this way. Gotta assume that at least 50% of interested people won't be able to make the final meetup for whatever reason too.
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I should probably also broach whether people prefer weekend or mid-week? Not necessarily as obvious as it sounds (I'm cool whatever).
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A weekend lunchtime meeting is best for me, but I could manage an evening thing (any day) too (although without kids/partner).
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Evening and Brighton, ( I get up at 5am for the commute tho so would prefer Friday) I can try to make a lunch if it's one of my flex days
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Right. I'm thinking either Fri 7th Oct or Sat 8th, lunchtime, in a Brighton pub best decided by someone who knows the city better. I'm trying not to elbow anyone (or their +Ns) out. I definitely think lunchtime/afternoon makes most sense, esp. as it probably works better for cautious/unfamiliar/distant mefites. Please anyone who knows a decent venue suggest it. If people really do want to go up the i360 that's cool, I'm happy to stand at the bottom and take pictures, ha!

Also, it's a bit self-serving, but I'm 90% likely to also be able to do a daytime mini-meetup in Southampton on Tue 11th Oct too. With so few people that might not be practical though? Maybe we do (near?) there next time? Or maybe we just go for it?

FWIW, I can be a raucous boor or an utter wallflower IRL and it's a flip of the coin which will turn up. Feel free to factor that in to your decisions.

Again, alternate/better suggestions always welcome!
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Wilder, I'm definitely going to still be kicking around the city into the early evening and depending on what other people do it would be great to fold you in as well.

(apologies if I'm over-thinking this).
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Can't make the 8th Oct as we're off to Legoland that weekend. Could potentially make the 7th if it's not too far from work.
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Looks like I'll miss the main meetup on the weekend of oct 7/8, alas. Have fun y'all!

As for any minimeetup, I'll be in Southhampton from morning of Oct 12 until the end of Oct 14. Current plan is to leave for London evening of Oct 14 but that's flexible. So I can't make a mini meetup on Oct 11, but I might be able to another day. Please memail me if that's in the works!
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Do appreciate those people chipping in with their availability (not to knock anyone politely lurking).

If any of the other Southampton-maybe's apart from nat want to start another topic to discuss that, it would be useful. FWIW, I could do anything on the 13th too, I now think. Else, we'll leave that for another time.

Not to make it your problem, but the squeaky wheel gets the grief: Ends of Invention, are you able to suggest anywhere that would suit you for the 7th then? I can fall in with anything.
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Oh, duh! nat's comment reminded me. If anyone prefers to work stuff out via memail, that's always an option.
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Well, within walking distance of my work are: MeatLiquor (pretty good burgers, cheap lunch deal), The Joker (chicken wings & sandwiches), The Hare & Hounds (Mexican food).
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Oh, I could do an after work drink/early dinner on the 7th (say, 6pm) if that means more people can make it. Otherwise, for lunch it'd need to be about 12:30.
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Cheers for the suggestions EndsOfInvention. Don't know about anyone else, but MeatLiquor looks good to me. Cheap and cheerful! Don't know the venue, but their site says they only seat complete groups, so would we have to meet elsewhere first or am I being dim?

If everyone who's 90% sure they can make noon-12.30pm on the 7th could confirm that would be great. All comers welcome, be they lurkers, undecided or unable to confirm yet.
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Sorry for long quietude. Foomandoonian can't make Friday lunchtime as he works in Hove. I am much less likely to turn up if he can't make it, so we'd prefer evening. Apologies for only piping up now. NBD if we can't make it.
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We can make it an evening meal then? That seems like the time most people can make it. Is 6pm OK?
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Works for us! See you then!!
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comealongpole, can you edit this post to add the date & time so people can see it's been settled? (assuming we're good with 6pm on the 7th at MeatLiquor?)
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Excuse radio silence, yeah that sounds great. Lets do that! Thanks to everyone for helping nail details down.
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Wish I could make it but finish work @ 5 and i'm in London.
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FYI for anyone else who can't make the Brighton meetup, I'm proposing a minimeetup in Southampton a week later.
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now going
to Canterbury for work on Friday, sigh, sorry guys, next time
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Sorry to hear that, Wilder!

Everyone else, I'll wear my MetaFilter t-shirt tomorrow and try to arrive outside MeatLiquor a bit before 6. Other identifying features: white guy, brown hair, might be holding a cycling helmet. See you there!
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Good thinking! I'll be there just before and lurk suspiciously too then. Look for a blue t-shirt with an antique meme plus a dodgy cap. I'm stressing massively about the trains getting home and looking it all up online is making me worse, so liable to be all I talk about tomorrow.

Any undecideds/unconfirmed/maybe Mefites welcome to roll up early too. Sorry not everyone can make it.
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OMG Metafilter Tshirt! *starts digging through her wardrobe*
I'll see you guys tomorrow, hopefully, cuz I am tooootally not going to chicken out, noooo!
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A+++ Mefites, would meet up with again.
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Yeah, was fun meeting everyone. Cheers all for coming out! Enjoy Legoland EOI!

. for the hippies who died that our burgers might live
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YAY! Thank you for making my first (hopefully not last) Mefi meetup non-scary!
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What y'all said! :)
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