Southampton minimeetup!
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Fri October 14 at 6:00 PM, Ebb and Flow
108 Above Bar St, Southampton SO14, UK (Map & Directions)
We'll meet at Ebb and Flow at 6pm Friday October 14. Previously: As mentioned in the Brighton meetup thread, I will be in Southampton for work from Oct 13-15. It seemed there were a few other folk who will miss the Brighton but might make a Southampton.
I am working during the days, but I could do any of the evenings (although Friday would be a bit tough, since I'm going to stay in London likely that night).

And I've never been before, so I don't really have any preferences about where to go.
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Actually It looks like I'm bad with dates, I'm in Southampton from october 12-14. I have to leave for London on Friday night.
posted by nat at 4:06 PM on October 1, 2016

Might be able to do something Thurs 13th, depending on Things.
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I can make either evening (13th or 14th).
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Annoyingly I actually have to have a skype meeting at 7pm on Thursday.. so I am actually trying to see if I can head up to London saturday morning, instead.

That would mean Friday is best. Can you do friday, comealongpole?
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Yes, I'm definitely headed up to London Saturday am. So I can do either evening as well now (13 or 14).
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Friday evening is definitely possible for me, ideally somewhere quiet enough we can hear ourselves speak! I've got an early start Sat too, but am close enough to Southampton that that shouldn't cause me a massive problem.
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Looks like it's just the three of us, if you are both still up for it? What sort of place (cafe?) / area (central?)?
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Two is a disaster, but three is still a legit meetup in my book and I'm feeling bullish! Don't really know Southampton well, but would prefer somewhere fairly central and accessible by train (using these meetups to do some sneaky Christmas shopping too). Don't really mind if pub or cafe, only real preference is for a venue someone's been before/can def. recommend.
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I don't know Southampton at all, but concur on the "place we can hear ourselves talk". I am staying at Highfield House Hotel, and happy to go anywhere that is walking or transit distance from that.
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Sounds best if we go with somewhere central if that's ok with you, nat - you would then need to 'bus or taxi from Highfield into the centre of town.

I'm wondering about Mettricks cafe in Guildhall Square - the "cultured one" on this list. It's been ok for noise when I've been though that hasn't been in the evenings. I'll ask around for other options.
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Mettricks sounds fine to me. What time are you all thinking?
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Anywhen between half five and half seven works for me. Mettricks looks good, cheers paduasoy.
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Oh, don't forget to edit the meetup from proposed to definite once we nail a time nat (although I really doubt we'll snare anyone else at this late stage).
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Just checked and there is live music at Mettricks on Fridays from seven. So we probably want either to go somewhere else or finish by 7. There's La Tavernetta which is reasonably quiet, but more of an eating place than a coffee place, so depends a bit what you feel like? I'm in town today so will see if I can come up with anywhere else.
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Oh, Ebb and Flow cafe maybe. It's about five minutes' walk from Mettricks. I've only been there at luncheon but it's always been quiet. I'll check the opening times today as I can't see them online.

There are pubs around but the only pleasant one I can think of is the Duke of Wellington, which is so small that it might be difficult to get seats on a Friday night. It's a bit further for nat also.
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The difference in distance doesn't really matter to me, since I'm likely to take a bus anyhow.

I'd really be happy with any of these suggestions, so I'll trust you two to choose and then put up the place+time once we pick!
I can probably be there by 5:30.
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Ebb and Flow works for me then. Google maps reckons they're open 8am-11pm so no worries there. Thinking 6pm is probably best time to meet? Think I'll probably hang around outside just before to make finding everyone easier. Look for a blue T-shirt, dodgy cap and slightly lost expression, ha!
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I'll have purple stripes, a blue hat, and a very lost expression.
6pm sounds good to me.
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Yay, decisions have been made - well done! Yes, see you there at 6, outside, I'll be wearing blue. Will MeMail you my mobile number just in case there are meeting-up problems.
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Good evening, enjoyed meeting you both and glad we did it. Cheers for coming out!
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Yes indeed, thank you both for coming!
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It was great to meet you both - many thanks! Think we covered all the bases, both high-brow and low-brow and the intriguing areas in between.
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