Meetup on an LA Weeknight Aug. 24-26 (Weds. through Fri.)?
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I'm taking a trip up the West Coast and was wondering if any Mefites want to meet up! I've only been to LA once before and saw all the touristy Hollywood stuff (and had In-N-Out :D), so I think someone else will probably have to propose the place/activity . . .
To note, I'm staying in East Hollywood but have a car. I'm up for pretty much anything -- dinner, drinks, whatever -- and, not to be cliche, but the more "Los Angeles" the better.
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The Museum of Jurrasic Technology is open until 8pm on Thursdays. We've had a couple of meetups there over the last year but you could gauge interest in another.

Also on Thursday nights is the free concert series on the Santa Monica Pier. That week it's Save Ferris and Cibo Matto. Pro: summer nights on the beach is very LA, excellent Pokemon hunting grounds, free, Expo line eliminates parking nightmare, Cons: it's a long haul for a lot of people on a school night.
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Do we know anyone anymore with a Magic Castle membership?

There's a rooftop garden on the new Restoration Hardware gallery in WeHo that's just begging to be taken over by a bunch of Internetters.

But honestly the most LA thing I can think of is blankets, wine, and cheese on the west lawn of the Hollyhock house for sunset.
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aw, I live like an inch from east hollywood but will be off to burning man. have fun!
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But honestly the most LA thing I can think of is blankets, wine, and cheese on the west lawn of the Hollyhock house for sunset.

That sounds incredibly nice.
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It does!

But given how nice it sounds it just can't be very LA. Here, let's do this instead:

Start at the Shortstop, beer and a shot and lots of tight jeans.
Jumbo's Clown Room for another beer and a shot and significantly fewer jeans.
Then Viper Room or Whiskey-A-Go-Go until we snag an invite to an afterparty in the hills.
End with something greasy at Canter's.
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Sorry I have not been so good at organizing. Everyone has had such great ideas! I will probably check out a few of them while I'm here. I had been intending to pick something a few days ago but I've been so busy with work, planning this trip, and then going on this trip that I didn't have time to decide. However, I could probably use a drink after everything that's happened so far. (Thieves punched out my rental car window and stole most of my stuff while I was eating a burger.). If anyone still wants to meet up anytime tomorrow or Friday, please post something saying so here or message me, I will check both. I say let's just have dinner/drinks somewhere central, so maybe downtown. Again, apologies for the lack of follow-through.
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So sorry your stuff was stolen, sevenofspades! That's awful.
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