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Sun July 24 at 4:00 PM, Davis Sq. in front of JP Licks to start
4 College Ave, Somerville, MA, USA (Map & Directions)
In the Pokémon Go thread, Room 641-A commented that it would be a good meetup activity. Shall we prove her right?
I'm barely into Pokémon so far, but hope to go make my first catches soon if the servers start cooperating. Anyone want to go together? We could meet in Davis Sq. in front of JP Licks, walk around in a group or groups, hitting up the reportedly Poké-rich Kenney Park, and end with ice cream and/or a beer.
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Kenney Park (near Davis Square across from Rite Aid) nearly always has lures on their Pokestops and a sizeable crowd of people sitting around trying to catch 'em all. It's a fun time; you can grab a snack and camp out and watch the OMG A WARTORTLE!! frenzy.
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I probably can't do tonight, but I might be able to do Friday or Sunday. That spot MB described in Davis is indeed perpetually hopping and I'd conveniently near a couple places one could obtain ice cream to eat while catching them all. On the other hand, I'd be happy to catch some stuff in a new neighborhood since I live here in Davis.

In conclusion, I am a solid maybe.
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It's not Cambridge, but on Sunday the 31st there is a big Pokemon shindig up here in Salem. I'm busy carving something for prize support.
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I would definitely be up for this, but we are moving this weekend, so my husband might have other ideas. But I'll definitely try to come.
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Interest seems a bit light so far, but maybe it just needs a real time and place to pick up a little, and I'd be up for it even if there's just a few of us anyway. That is, if the servers ever let me play -- no luck at all today either. I'll go ahead and confirm it for Sunday eve in Davis, since ice cream-based advantages convince me every time. Oh yeah, and Kenney Park sounds great, too. If there aren't at least three Yes's by then, I'll call it off.
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I'd be interested, except that it's going to be too dang hot out for me on Sunday.
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Robocop and I are interested, but 5 is a little late for us to head into Somerville on a Sunday, since our kid has to get to bed at a reasonable hour. If you guys do another of these earlier in the afternoon on a weekend, we'll be there!
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Since no one's a 'yes' yet, I could move it earlier. What's the latest you could comfortably meet?
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Would 3:00 work for people?
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Our kid is usually still napping at 3, God willing, but one of us could meet there to start and the other could join later. (Are people okay with a toddler tagging along? He likes ice cream and parks.)
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We can also do 3:30 or 4:00. We'll have our kid tagging along, too.
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I've got a 395 Pigeot that seems useless for training, much less actual battles, so I'm not sure there's much point in me attending a meetup thing. XD
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Ok, changing to 4pm. Tobascodagama, I haven't played enough to even know what that means, so you'd be fine!
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Metroid Baby, toddler meeter-uppers are cool by me!
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Alright, we'll be there! We uttered the words "ice cream" to our son, so we'll have to make good on that post-Pokemon ice cream!
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Definitely! Tobascodagama, I finally got to play a lot today, so now I understand what a 395 Pigeot could possibly mean. Haven't set foot in a gym yet, but maybe tomorrow. Still, no actual Pokemon prowess required or assumed for this meetup.
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tobascodagama, it'll probably be all catching and no battling. Davis and especially the park are hotspots for catching pokemans!
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We're game! :) I've heard of the fabled quadruple lure of Davis.
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See you all this afternoon!
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Running about 10 min late but en route.
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We're here and will wait! Message again if you're much later.
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I had fun and I'm glad you all came! I hope I wasn't too annoying with all my questions about how the game works. Thanks for the great tips! That Kenney Park dynamic is a lot of fun, but I think I'll usually try to resist it and walk around instead. Wishing you all lots of high CP rares!
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