London Ice Cream Social
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Wed July 6 at 6:30 PM, Lincolns Inn Fields
Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A, UK (Map & Directions)
Why? Because we don't want to get left out.
When? July 6th, 6.30pm onwards

How? Get ice-creams from Gelatorino (or a jumbo box of choc-ices from Sainsburys), and head to Lincolns Inn Fields after work for consumption (bring your own picnic blanket if you have one).

What if it rains? Same thing we ALWAYS do if it rains, Pinky: Go to the pub.

EDIT: confirmed, lets do this! And I've updated the venue to be Lincolns Inn Fields, not Grays, because that's what I meant I GET THEM CONFUSED OK
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I am flying back into the country from what is ultimately a trip to eat cake lateish the day before.
ALSO! I think everyone should come and eat ice cream.

So I will do my best to bribe everyone that turns up with some authentic schwarzwälder kirschtorte.
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Not a huge fan of the Princess Louise. Any chance I could talk you into the Seven Stars?
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Damn, this sounds just really great, but, well, "pond".
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Well, the weather is looking good for this week so fingers crossed we won't be obliged to utilise a public house, but should we need to, it can be up for debate on the day!
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So.... it's sunny... who's in?
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SO and I will bring along a few boxes of lollies which we'll be happy to share.
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I'm going to be in the park from 6.30, will bring a few tinnies. Will post exact location when I get there, but I'll probably aim for the North East quarter of it!
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Damnit. I've had to rush home to pick up child from nursery due to wife's work stuff over running. Pondering heading out again to meet you but it's an hour's travel from here.
I'm demoted to a maybe.
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Ok, I am here:

On a big red and blue blanket! No sign, -5pts.
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Apparently the blanket looks pink from a distance, we also have a lime green one now too! also ice cream, crisps, and gin.
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Thanks. That was great.
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I'm sorry to have missed this! :(
Glad you all had a good time.
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Nice to see and meet everyone! Does anyone remember what that cat-related game was we were talking about?
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Catlateral Damage
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