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Sat July 9 at 2:00 PM, Peninsula Park
700 N Rosa Parks Way, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Ice cream social in July, is there interest in ice cream?
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Park? Potluck? Salt & Straw?
posted by aniola at 5:17 PM on June 13, 2016

I'm in! Om nom
posted by fritillary at 6:32 PM on June 13, 2016

Will there be non-dairy ice cream for those of us who can't do milk?
posted by nickthetourist at 12:02 AM on June 14, 2016 [2 favorites]

Yes! I scream!
posted by bendy at 12:43 AM on June 14, 2016

Yesss. I have an ice cream maker if anyone wants to burn off ice cream calories before eating them.
posted by vespabelle at 6:17 AM on June 14, 2016

I'm not hosting but my personal rule as a person with a few diet and health issues -- when I can't eat some basic substance, I bring a few things of my thing that I can eat and share that. That's if I'm feeling love for my fellow beings, etc. If I'm feeling aggrieved by life's essential unfairness, I buy all the things available that I can actually eat, and snarf them down while in bed and watching TV that only I seem to like.

That said sleepy pete and I would love to come if we can and will plan to do so. But if something suddenly comes up (you don't want to know what) you know where I'll be instead.
posted by melissa may at 6:27 AM on June 14, 2016

Cortex and I also have an interest in non-dairy ice cream, so we will stand and silently sob with you, Nick.

But this seems as good a place as any to mention my favorite: 50 Licks' Coconut Lemon Saffron. I've never been to the brick and mortar location (I didn't know there was one until just now!) so it may be that their other vegan ice cream is tasty too. Their milk-based stuff sounds pretty good too- boozy scotch ice cream with butterscotch?

(My runner up favorite is the vegan soft serve they sell at Back to Eden, because it's right down the block from a Salt and Straw location and I can immediately make myself feel better about not being able to eat tasty ice cream. I think it's soy based. I suspect there are other places in town that have this too, I don't think it's their recipe.)

Also, Ben & Jerry's just started selling some dairy-free flavors. These are almond and coconut milk based, and two of the four flavors also have other types of nuts in them, and two of them didn't get great reviews... but the coffee one sounds pretty good!

I'm also willing to try making a homemade coconut ice cream- the original post had some recipes that sounded ok. I've never done that, though, so no guarantees it would turn out!
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I have a discounted case of coconut cream in my closet. It was for the cookbook and then realized I was basically done testing coconut-based recipes....
posted by aniola at 11:10 AM on June 14, 2016 [2 favorites]

And I already have the following bottled flavors, should they come in handy:

- mint
- homemade vanilla
- hazelnut
- almond
- cherry
- orange
- lemon
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All those places sound good to me!

It's cherry season: I just realized why icecream gets a cherry on top.
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I'm guessing mint+coconut would be good. If it's peppermint we're talking about, that is; I'm not much of a spearmint fan.
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Yes please to hazelnut & choc & you can even throw a cherry on top, which is ridiculous for me to say because we'll be bringing store-bought vegan hoo-ha no doubt. Actually making ice cream is so far past our making competency at the moment, you should thank us for not even attempting it. That's right, we're actually so bad at stuff like that it's kind of heroic for us to show up at all to see how hard you guys all rock. Yet show up we'll try. Thanks for the push to do this, aniola. <3
posted by melissa may at 12:12 AM on June 15, 2016

Location-wise, is there a preference for meeting at a ice cream vendor, meeting at a park, or at a house? How about a preference on what part of town? I could host this at my house, but I live in North Portland, which is not always a convenient location for everyone.

Additionally, what dates look good? Weekends? Fridays after work?
posted by Secretariat at 9:31 AM on June 15, 2016

My vote: weekend afternoonish, park or other flat green open public space, & super chill easiness in general. Regardless where/when we'll wanna come, though!
posted by melissa may at 11:10 AM on June 15, 2016

For icecream all dates look good. Weekend afternoonish is fine by me. Everybody else?

Peninsula Park has the grownup-sized playground. We could take over the gazebo if it's unoccupied and make excursions to visit the roses and the playground. I have a kite and a frisbee-like thing I could bring.

I have no sense of how long it takes to make frozen vegan icecream because I usually just add the sugar/mint/vanilla, whip the cream, add the chips, whip the cream, and eat it straight from the whipping bowl. Would icecream-making happen the previous night for those interested or in the morning or at the park? Or is this a diy OR potluck sort of thing?
posted by aniola at 2:16 PM on June 15, 2016

My vote would be for just a simple ice cream social, following some of the suggestions in that original post- not too many ice creams (especially if it turns out most people are interested in doing this at a park, they'll just all melt and people will be sad that they bought ice cream that didn't get eaten!). So perhaps potluck style, but some people bring ice cream, some people bring toppings, everybody brings their own bowl and spoon?

Most weekend afternoons look good for me at the moment too.
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That sounds like a reasonable plan of action!

If we do this at a park, someone can bring dry ice and a cooler to keep the ice cream frozen. Definitely BYO bowl&spoon.

How about the 9th of July?
posted by aniola at 5:04 PM on June 15, 2016

As of today July 9th looks deliciously empty so we are ready to taste the rainbow if that's the chosen date. Again, yay aniola & also Secretariat!
posted by melissa may at 11:33 PM on June 17, 2016

Ok! July 9 unless there are any objections! Secretariat's place (if July 9 works for you)? Or Peninsula Park?
posted by aniola at 4:50 PM on June 18, 2016

July 9th works for me, at my place, the park, or another yet undetermined location. If it looks like the weather is nice, I think a park sounds nice- I could bring a larger cooler.
posted by Secretariat at 3:07 PM on June 19, 2016

Ok! Peninsula Park if there's normal sunshine, Secretariat's if it's "Portland sunshine" (raining).

If anyone has a strong preference for a different location, we can change it.
posted by aniola at 11:44 AM on June 20, 2016

(For a general location idea, I live right about here, we'll update the post with an exact address if we get "portland sunned" out.)

Out of curiosity, how many people who are planning to attend care about (need) non-dairy options? I will quietly keep my fake cream to myself if it's just me.
posted by Secretariat at 12:20 PM on June 20, 2016

vespabelle! I am interested in borrowing your ice cream maker or making ice cream with you before-hand! Whichever you meant!
posted by aniola at 3:33 PM on June 20, 2016

What! Fake ice cream is ice cream, too! Don't they charge more than regular ice cream for that coconut bliss stuff, for instance? I was thinking of trying to make lemon-coconut saffron ice cream because someone gave me half an ounce of saffron.
posted by aniola at 4:28 PM on June 20, 2016

... but I will happily eat full-on dairy ice cream with a preference for happy cows.
posted by aniola at 4:30 PM on June 20, 2016

I need non-dairy. Cashew milk ice cream is the fabbest!
posted by fritillary at 3:03 AM on June 23, 2016

If there is interest I will bring the old ice cream maker and we can get our churn on. Or I can lend it to aniola for pre-making some homemade frozen treat.
posted by vespabelle at 7:14 PM on June 23, 2016

Thanks, vespabelle! I think it would be fun to get our churn on!!! But if it's just me, I can pre-make at home instead.

Anyone else for churning?
posted by aniola at 8:45 PM on June 23, 2016

Unless this is an electric ice cream maker, it should take about half an hour of hand churning. Electrics take longer but you don't have to do anything other than watch the ice.
posted by fiercekitten at 6:33 AM on June 24, 2016

The container calls it "sweet basil essential oil" but you'd know it if you smell it: I have black jellybean flavoring.
posted by aniola at 8:18 PM on June 25, 2016

Ah, how perfect! I decide to finally check IRL to see if any meetups are planned for Portland, after not having attended one for...what, five years now? Six? A long time, in any case...

(Like, I've had not just one, but two relationships begin and end in the intervening time. Eep!)

...and I discover that there's a meetup happening that I think I'll actually be able to make it to, assuming I don't end up having to work that day. I'm marking myself a maybe, just in case, but if all continues to go well I will be there. Yay!
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The park bounded by Princeton, Westanna, and Wall has picnic tables and restrooms and shade, if we do get a sunny day and want the park option. It's just a few blocks from Secretariat's place.
posted by janell at 9:52 AM on June 26, 2016

Yay velvet winter! It seems like it's been forever since we've seen you. I don't even know if I'll remember what you look like, so apologies in advance if I'm all "and your name is?"

Janell, I think we're going with the park option (with the option to retreat to my house if the weather forecast is bad)- but the park is Peninsula Park.

Park details for people who haven't been there: It's a large, pretty park, but it could be possible for people to miss each other, so I'll try to remember to bring some sort of sign, and also post updates in the thread if anything unexpected happens. Here's a labeled map and and here's an overhead photo. The bottom half of this picture is the rose garden. The thing just a little below center, a red octagon with a white center, is a historic gazebo/bandstand. I note that the gazebo doesn't seem to have picnic tables- so I'm going to suggest we actually meet at the spot labeled "Picnic A" on the map (near the intersection of N. Albina and N. Holman). I might do some recon before the meetup.
posted by Secretariat at 7:43 PM on June 26, 2016

I've been scouting the park when I bike past. The rose garden is still smelling amazing, and the corner playground is sized for the average adult. The gazebo definitely doesn't have chairs, Picnic A is huge and would probably do nicely if everyone is ok with deep shade.
posted by aniola at 12:13 PM on June 27, 2016

Oh, right. I saw some cashew milk ice cream recipes that look pretty fantastic, but I'm not ready to commit to bringing any. I'll definitely bring some condiments.
posted by janell at 9:57 AM on June 28, 2016

Can I bring a leashed dog? I will look up some info about park rules but I also wanted to check with others. I am not the type of dog owner who has to bring their dog everywhere with them, so if people prefer not I will leave him at home.
posted by cairnoflore at 12:04 PM on June 30, 2016

Leashed dog has a resolved itself. No dog coming. Just human.
posted by cairnoflore at 2:01 PM on June 30, 2016

If the dog comes back into the picture, I am a-ok with any dog that doesn't jump on me.
posted by janell at 2:41 PM on June 30, 2016

I am fine with dogs as well. I imagine the park's rule would be that leashes are required.
posted by Secretariat at 12:04 PM on July 1, 2016

I like dogs and I'm not allergic.
posted by aniola at 4:39 PM on July 1, 2016

Just FYI this is the same day as the Mississippi Street Fair, which is nearby and basically goes all day.
posted by aniola at 5:53 PM on July 3, 2016

This is soon!

Should I bring ice cream or pre- ice cream or ice cream cones?
posted by aniola at 6:11 PM on July 5, 2016

Or dry ice?
posted by aniola at 6:11 PM on July 5, 2016

Do we want a spreadsheet? So we make sure we don't end up with 10 butterscotch toppings.
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The weather report says 60% chance of rain on Saturday. Do we still want to meet at the park?
posted by cairnoflore at 5:50 PM on July 6, 2016

I learned this from another ice cream social thread. It's a mini mefi doodle poll:
posted by aniola at 6:04 PM on July 6, 2016

Favorite this comment if you want to meet at the park
posted by aniola at 6:05 PM on July 6, 2016

Favorite this comment if you want to meet in North Portland at Secretariat's place
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spreadsheet available
posted by aniola at 6:37 PM on July 6, 2016

Here are pictures of the picnic area (and one picture of the table-less gazebo)- it's covered. I can't tell if anyone has it reserved for this weekend (which suddenly matters more if it's one of the only dry areas in a rainy park). It's a gamble! I'm ok with either location. I'll clean the bathroom just in case!
posted by Secretariat at 11:07 AM on July 7, 2016

I called Portland Parks and Rec to check, but gave up before I was done waiting on hold because the phone battery is low.
posted by aniola at 12:01 PM on July 7, 2016

I will bring some water plus a fudge and caramel topping of some kind. I will put it on the list.
posted by cairnoflore at 2:09 PM on July 7, 2016

I have been building up my tolerance to sugar for this social. Last night I had several ounces of fair trade imitation m&ms along with dinner. Yum.
posted by aniola at 8:33 AM on July 8, 2016

85% chance of rain. Secretariat's place?
posted by aniola at 8:40 AM on July 8, 2016
posted by aniola at 12:39 PM on July 8, 2016

Ha, awesome cones!
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...aaand it turns out I'll be working tomorrow, so unfortunately I'll have to bow out. The home I'll be working at (I make my living as a house cleaner) is actually not too far from Peninsula Park, even - but I won't be up for socializing when the workday is done, even if the meetup is still going when I finish. Oh well.

Yay velvet winter! It seems like it's been forever since we've seen you.

Thanks - seems like forever indeed! I'm following IRL regularly now, so I'll be keeping an eye out for future Portland meetups. Have fun, and enjoy the ice cream!
posted by velvet winter at 5:32 PM on July 8, 2016

Looks like it's down to a 30% chance of rain for this afternoon. Seems like we're probably fine to have ice cream in the park, especially since that's still the location listed up top.

(Aniola is sitting across the room and seconds this motion.)
posted by sibilatorix at 9:59 AM on July 9, 2016

See y'all at Peninsula Park!
posted by sibilatorix at 10:00 AM on July 9, 2016

FireFountain and I will attend, Cloud City ice cream in hand.
posted by Strudel at 10:31 AM on July 9, 2016

I just thrashed my back by walking across my street. I could barely hobble home so I will miss the social. I will have to eat the caramel and fudge sauce without the ice cream. I kinda can't wait. Enjoy yourselves. Hopefully next time.
posted by cairnoflore at 11:42 AM on July 9, 2016

I'm... sorry? (I *am* sorry to hear it, but that sounds like the best way to recuperate!)
posted by Secretariat at 12:00 PM on July 9, 2016

I made some very minimal signage and took a picture of it and posted it in photos before the meetup even happens because I am a REBEL
posted by cortex at 12:20 PM on July 9, 2016

Everybody remember to bring your water bottle!
posted by aniola at 12:48 PM on July 9, 2016

Just a heads up we may be a bit late. I'm still at an eye exam doing the pupil dilation crap and then it looks like it's about 20 min to the park (I'm in SE Portland atm). This eye exam has lasted all morning hah.
posted by FireFountain at 1:29 PM on July 9, 2016

We're running late, too. but ! We will be picking up regular ice so that we can all toss an ice cream ball around and make coconut-lemon saffron ice cream... I'd better go find that saffron!

and cortex your sign is awesome
posted by aniola at 1:43 PM on July 9, 2016

We are here! Looks like a wedding or some other such joyous bullshit is occupying the big gazebo and adjacent covered picnic area, so we set up under a tree a ways north from there with our red cooler and wee folding table.

I'm wearing a blue Hey Nong Man t shirt and ripped jeans.
posted by cortex at 1:52 PM on July 9, 2016

The kitten slept the whole way home and is napping still. That was so much fun! I have more coconut cream if we ever want to try again with the coconut ice cream.

There were so many flavors! And I am so full of sugar! Thanks for coming, y'all!
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Thank you all for a pants-bustin' good time -- the coconut mixture went from the ice cream ball to a covered bowl in the fridge to wait while our ice cream maker insert refreezes. Will share the outcome tomorrow.
HI! to Sage and thank you for bringing them!
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We had a great time! Thanks for the meetup, it was great to meet you all!
posted by FireFountain at 7:05 PM on July 9, 2016

Thanks for a great time, everybody! I added a few pictures- sadly, none are of the delightful Sage, just us boring humans. Cortex has one or two that are passable, though- I'll bug him to get those posted!
posted by Secretariat at 7:30 PM on July 10, 2016

Dang, good point. I should have had someone take a picture of my phone.
posted by cortex at 9:34 PM on July 10, 2016

Added some more pics!
posted by cortex at 9:45 AM on July 11, 2016

Sage is being cute right now this very moment and yet there was still room to go "AWWW" at the picture because that's the kitten superpower.
posted by aniola at 12:47 PM on July 11, 2016

I found a nice OXO ice cream scoop that doesn't belong to me! Did anyone lose one?
posted by Secretariat at 11:29 PM on July 11, 2016

I apologize for the delay -- the coco-confection came up a lovely yellow from the saffron, and tastes very good, but does have a grainy consistency. There are also pieces of coco fat that sort of joined forces into lumps that look like little dinosaur eggs. May I bring you the finished product, aniola, and return your ice cream ball?
Thank you for piquing my interest in homemade non-dairy treats -- I definitely plan to try again, perhaps with the "foolproof" recipe.

I couldn't stop taking kitten pictures.
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Oh, Secretariat! The scoop is ours and you are a hero!
posted by sutureselves at 8:42 AM on July 12, 2016

If nobody else wants it, it would be sweet to have homemade vegan ice cream with dinosaur eggs and the means to make it again, but we made off with three different kinds of ice cream at the end of the social so if someone else wants it and the ice cream ball, I'd be happy to let it make the rounds.

Thanks for taking those awesome photos of Sage! They have been sent off to our families.
posted by aniola at 12:18 PM on July 12, 2016

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