PEDALPALOOZA: Portsmouth Parkways
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Wed June 29 at 6:15 PM, Columbia Park
N Lombard St & N Woolsey Ave, Portland, OR, USA (Map & Directions)
Portsmouth neighborhood has ALL THE PARKS. They're a resource, a treasure, socialism at its finest, and we will explore them. Flat, slow pace, no drop ride. There might be snacks.
Pedalpalooza is the month-long event where everyone does fun group bike rides. It's HUGE! My favorite last year was the tour de goats where we visited all the houses with goats. Anyway, I'm hosting one this year and I hope y'all will plan on joining me.
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I got permission to use their 501c3 status, so I will be requesting free snack donations from New Seasons and other places. If there's snacks you'd like to see, let me know and I'll get in touch with them.

I'll also be making up fliers when snacks are confirmed so if you want a flier for your most-frequented bulletin board let me know!
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Snacks confirmed
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Also I didn't figure out how to gain the map's approval to update the post, but the meeting place is the bathroom/playground area at the northwest corner of Columbia Park at N Winchell St & N Woolsey Ave.
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cherries are confirmed
sidewalk chalk is confirmed
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Hell yes!
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I have 500 fliers to distribute so if anybody wants a handful come & grab 'em! PDFs also available.

I've also got $50 to spend at Green Zebra on snacks. Any requests?
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I'll be taking an intersection at Sunday Parkways so that I can hand out fliers for this ride. I was told to invite all my friends and that I could throw a block party if I wanted. So here's my invitation!

Come hang out with me at Sunday Parkways! 11-4, Sunday the 26th, intersection TBA. I can bring tea or lemonade. Any preferences?
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I'll be at N Fiske & Princeton/Butler during Sunday Parkways if anyone wants to stop by and/or hang out.
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CORRECTION: If you want to stop by and/or hang out with me at Sunday Parkways, I will be at N Fiske and Drew.
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with lollipops.
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This ride is TODAY! I am so excited!

Snacks include:

- case of cherries
- 45 snack bars
- 24 (8-oz) ginger ales
- party popcorn
- corn chips
- baba ganoush
- hummus
- baby carrots
- gluten-free ginger snaps
- handful of ginger chews
- dozen freshly-baked goods from the best baker in town

Parks include:

- Columbia Park
- Bridge Meadows?
- University Park (but not Portsmouth Park, which is in University Park neighborhood!))
- Bike Hub
- McCoy Park
- "Tiny" Park
- Portsmouth Community Garden
- Peninsula Crossing Trail
- Northgate Park
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