May the Goat Be With You
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Wed May 4 at 5:30 PM, The World-Famous Billy Goat Tavern
430 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL, USA (Map & Directions)
Episode XCVI (or so) THE SAME OLD GOAT It was a dark time for the Cabal* . Although the Trump Tower can be ignored, continued media coverage of the election has driven the rebels underground to a place with no fries but some Wheel of Fortune with any luck...
For those that don't know, Chicago has a meet-up every first Wednesday of the month at the (world-famous) Billy Goat downtown and YOU'RE INVITED. Yes, you! It's fun fellowship and you should check it out. (We also go to karaoke afterwards, some us later than others.)

We're usually an easy to spot group but if you have concerns, let us know and we'll make ourselves even more obvious and also be on the lookout for you.

* There is no Chicago Cabal
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Off topic, but I really think you Puzzled Pinters should be posting your events to IRL. It drives me insane that Seattle dominates the IRL event list just because they post their trivia night every week.
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OH MAN. I JUST REALIZED the dress that inspired this awesome story from the December Goat outing:

As I get dressed, Spouse asks "Are you a WIZARD?" but since I'm wearing a dress from a 1971 pattern for teenagers learning to sew, I say "No, I'm a Teenager from the 70s". And strangers at the Goat yell out "Is she a Jedi?" and so Kaz says "Yes!" And then McMikeNamara says "So, then, yes, you ARE a teenager from the 70's who's a wizard."

is vacuumed-sealed at the moment as part of the Great Moth Abatement of 2016, so I can't be spot on for May the Fourth. GODDAMMIT.
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Maybe it's time for another Month of Meetups?
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I was thinking that the other day, jessypie! So, I second the motion!
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Let's do it in July. Currently my summer plans involve sitting in front of my AC with the shades drawn and periodically scowling out the window at people who enjoy sunlight, but I should probably mix it up a bit.
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I hope you mixing it up doesn't mean we can't ALSO have a shades drawn scowling meetup at your apartment too.
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RIP Pequod's bathroom wizard
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I'm converting to a 'yes' but I've never been to an IRL before and I don't know what an easy-to-spot MeFi cabal looks like.

So could you be, like, extra easy to spot, please?
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Yeah I'm wearing a hot pink dress with like these weird ghost dinosaur things all over it, so that shouldn't be a problem.
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There's also a 98% chance we will be on the left/west side of the room as you enter.
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This is not going to happen for me tonight. I have to fly out first thing tomorrow for work, and I still have a billion work things to finish tonight, and I haven't even started packing yet. I'm sorry to miss you all this month! Let's start planning that Month of Meetups!
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There's an ATM in the Goat. A couple of us have profile pics that look like we actually look. I don't, though.
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everybody say bye to me tonight since I have tickets for Civil War tomorrow and will most likely be throwing myself into the river shortly after.
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On my way. Having a very stupid day.
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On my way, having a very stupid bus ride
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On my way. Am personally stupid.
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something something stupid something
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yo evilspork ur guest's keys are with you CALL HER ASAP
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Thanks guys, I had an awesome time last night. Will definitely be back for a custom burger and to meet the folks I accidentally bailed on.
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Guys, guys. Someone has taquitos in her pocket.
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