Board games at Brooklyn Strategist
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Sat April 2 at 5:00 PM, Brooklyn Strategist
333 Court St, Brooklyn, NY, USA (Map & Directions)
Hey Mefites, let's go play games of skill, luck, and cunning!
Located in mostly cobble-free Cobble Hill, Brooklyn Strategist has a walk-in fee of $10/person/4 hours to go in and play games from their sizable library on nice big tables. Since it's as yet unknown how many people are coming to this I can't say what we'll be playing but I trust in our ability to democracy our way to something good when the time comes. The important thing is to come!

Oh, and the date/time is flexible. If it seems like another date/time is better for nearly everybody else then we can reschedule.
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I am interested in coming by, but I have a standing D&D game on Saturday afternoons that usually rolls until 4. I live but a ten-minute walk away, though, so I should be by as soon as my game is over.
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I think that should work! Thanks for posting!
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Alright, glad that it looks like the date/location is good for everybody, see y'all then!
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This looks really fun!
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Turns out I can't make it, but have fun folks!
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Oh, hey, a new comic book shop just opened near there! I was upset after Bergen Street Comics shut down last year; I had to go into Manhattan to buy comics.
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Ah, I just remembered to call ahead and ask what their schedule was like on Saturday. As it turns out, they have a Magic (pre?-)release event going from 1 to 4:30 and so will be "very busy" with limited space but after 5pm should be fine. So I'm going to bump the start time on this back an hour to 5.

Sorry about the short notice, folks!
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Not a problem for me. Thanks for checking ahead of time!
1970s Antihero, I saw the news about the comic book shop and thought of you.
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The Brooklyn Strategist Home Page mentions a cafe but doesn't have any kind of menu link. Does anyone know if the food is any good; or are there interesting dinner options nearby?
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I'd give the food options on their menu a pass unless you really value convenience, they are imo pricey for what they are and pretty limited. There are a lot of restaurants in the area that seem to do good business and are well-regarded, but the one I've been to and would recommend is Darna Falafe about 5 short blocks down Court. Really good Mediterranean, good portions, cheap. Limited seating, though.
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Running about 25 minutes late- save me a seat?
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We will be there around 5:15.
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Also running late - mistyped the address into my phone when I got turned around in the new side of the WTC PATH and ended up at 33 Court St instead of 333
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Gah, Magic is still going and the place is still mostly packed. I managed to talk to the people here and we should be able to squish some magic players aside and get a table by the time more people arrive so phew
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Got a take! First one as you come in.
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