Houston meetup!
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Wed December 15 at 7:30 PM, Brasil
2604 Dunlavy St, Houston, TX, USA (Map & Directions)
One more round of coffee and drinking before the holiday crazy descends!
Also I'm about to leave town in a week or so, and it would be cool to get in one last meetup (at least as a resident) and say goodbye to everyone properly.

Wednesday 12/15 sometime in the evening? Since it's a weeknight and there are nondrinkers, some kind of coffee place that also serves booze and food might be best. Brasil is the first place that comes to mind but if anyone has other ideas that would be great too.
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*pouts about losing casarkos*

*yay meetup!*
posted by Gridlock Joe at 5:04 AM on December 13, 2010

I will be in rehearsal until about 10pm, and I realize that most of you kiddos will not want to be hanging out quite so late into the night in the middle of the week. I'll plan on sending a text to one/all of you whenever we're released to see if you're still out, but I don't anticipate much of an early dismissal.

I know everyone will miss you casarkos, but I am particularly huffy over losing my operagoing partner and my favorite fellow coffeshop lurker. Hope we can send you off in grand fashion.
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Okay executive decision time - I'll be at Brasil around 7:30-8 and then everyone can show up at their convenience?
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8 at Cafe Brasil works for me. Since I saw casarkos at the two previous meetups I attended and did not even take the opportunity to cross the room and introduce myself this seems like now or better late than never.

Care to post anything here about your new life geography?
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Also, I did not realize Patrick was still here on metafilter until you posted this so thanks for that!
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Yup, I'm still around. Not particularly active until someone says "omg you have to check X out" or until work slows down enough for me to disengage. This has hardly been due to a lack of interest - just a lack of time!
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Thank you all!
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